Why you should visit Greece for your next girls trip

Why you should visit Greece for your next girls trip

I just got back from an AMAZING trip to Greece with one of my closest friends. I spent a lot of time thinking about why Greece is a great destination for everyone! But it’s an especially great destination for a girls trip. Read on to see why you should visit Greece for your next girls trip.

I don’t know about you, but for me a great girls trip involves: environments where you can connect with your closest friends, time outdoors exploring, great food, conversation over a glass of wine, and soaking in views in your pjs.

If you resonate with this at all, read on about why Greece will be the perfect girls trip destination!

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Why you should visit Greece for your next girls trip

Beautiful landscape

Reason number one for why you should visit Greece for your next girls trip — is the landscape. The Greek islands are beautiful. Imagine approaching an island by ferry — and as you get closer the mountains seem larger and larger. The deep blue ocean and white-washed little buildings sit in contrast with the arid land.

Taking in the beautiful landscape will become a big part of your trip. From your first night in Mykonos where you get dinner at your hotel. What a better way to soak in Greece after a long travel journey, then eating a delicious meal overlooking a view before collapsing into bed for the night.

We had a couple days where we did some hiking to explore great views and ancient Greek ruins. The views were spectacular. We were just in awe.

Perhaps the best part about the beautiful landscape in Greece, is getting a hotel room with a balcony view. While in Paros, this was our favorite way to end the day!


The food in Greece is delicious! My favorite part of the day was having breakfast (in hotels where it’s included). We both looked forward to a breakfast of thick, Greek yogurt drizzled with local, fresh honey (choose from multiple options!), walnuts, maybe fig jam, and some muesli. Pair this with a cup of coffee and this was maybe our favorite part of the day!

But it was tough competition to our lunch appetizers or dinners along the water where we had some of the most delicious food of our lives!

Notably, we continued to order sesame crusted-baked feta cheese drizzled with honey, dolmades (rice balls wrapped in vinegar-soaked grape leaves), hummus, homemade pita, tzatziki, and roasted meat and veggies.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Olive oil

Continuing on the food trend, Greece is well known for it’s olives and olive oil. One of our favorite days on the island was doing a full-day olive oil tour and tasting in Paros. There are a couple options you can choose from. Although pricier, we elected for the longer experience and we are soooo glad we did.

We started the day in Lefkes, the oldest town on the island of Paros. Our guide walked us through the village and gave us the history of the small village — especially as it related to olive oil. We then walked 3 miles down an ancient Byzantine pathway. Marble rock was strategically placed as a pathway thousands of years ago.

We finished the experience with a long, late lunch at a local restaurant. Here we had a traditional lunch and we tried various extra virgin olive oils.

We might both start consuming olive oil every morning as a way to live longer 😉


The moment you might all be waiting for: wine. Yes, Greece has a long history of wine! Although it might be known for its wine like France, Australia, or Italy — they make and consume a lot of wine.

We did a winery tour and tasting at each island (Mykonos and Paros). And those experiences were a highlight of our trip. Sipping on local wine, learning about the intricacies of Greek wine, and making new friends while you do it — what a better way to spend an afternoon!

And imagine finishing your day sipping on local wine at your hotel room balcony overlooking the bay with sailboats and fishing boats bopping in the ocean….


This was a surprise to me (But glad you could fill me on on this, Kate!). Apparently Greece is known for it’s cats. We quickly learned that cats are all over the islands. And what’s even more amazing is that the country takes good care of the cats. They vaccinate them and treat them for fleas. The government even puts out little cat homes on the streets.

So the cats aren’t necessarily “pets” of one person or household, but they roam. And they also help tremendously with pests like rodents (in a place that’s filled with tourists, food, and narrow streets).

The best part is that there are always kittens! Each hotel we stayed at had kittens that were hanging out with everyone.

Even if you aren’t a huge cat person, how can you resist a kitten on your lap????


Whether you love laying on the beach or not, you might still find the beaches of the Greek islands fun and beautiful.

Neither one of us like to lay on the beaches for days on end. BUT we like a little bit of afternoon relaxing in the sun, people watching, enjoying an adult beverage, and cooling off in the ocean.

On our girls trip we had four days in Mykonos and four days in Paros. On each island we did an afternoon on a nearby beach.

The best part is that the islands have sooooo many beaches. We just chose two, but your options will be endless. It could be a fun way to spend a day — just exploring different areas of the island.

Ease at getting around

Greece was so easy to get around. No matter what type of traveler you are, this can be a nice perk.

You will find it easy to arrange airport pick-up and drop-off and transfers to ferries with your luggage through your hotel. We did this anytime our luggage was involved.

Other than that, the public bus system is really good on theses islands! We went from place to place during the day with the public bus. They were safe, enjoyable, easy, and affordable.

This made our experience more relaxing and enjoyable — an important aspect on a girls trip!

Relaxing environment

Generally, the feel around the Greek islands is relaxing. You will find a slower pace of life than your 40 hour work weeks in the United States. It’s easy to access an afternoon at a winery, a morning sipping a coffee while you read your book, an afternoon in the sun at the beach people watching, and endless hours of catch-up with unmatched views.

Numerous islands for diverse experiences

We only experienced two islands. If we had endless amount of time, we would have loved to experience more islands AND the mainland. But unfortunately, sometimes you just have to make choices…. ugh.

From what we heard, Santorini is a great romantic destination (think honeymoons!) and Naxos is a great family-friendly island. Mykonos is known for it’s nightlife. But if you’re like us and in bed regularly at 9pm, you will find so many things to enjoy here. Paros is known for a little more adventure with a more local experience.

Now, these are just Cyclades islands. There are numerous groups of islands throughout Greece. Greece is made up of many many islands. You might also have heard of Crete, Hydra (Saronic islands), or Corfu (Ionian islands). Each group of islands is known for different experiences.

So your choices are endless!

Greece is a beautiful place! I hope you consider it for your next girls trip. And these are only some of the amazing reasons why you should.


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