Why visit Croatia… these are all the reasons!

Why visit Croatia… these are all the reasons!

Is Croatia on your travel bucket-list?? If it’s not, it should be! I highly recommend it. Read on for why visit Croatia. These are ALL the reasons why you need to make it your next travel destination.

Why visit Croatia — this view from Dubrovnik

Croatia’s beautiful!

The first reason is that Croatia’s so beautiful!! It’s well known for the Dalmatian Coast along the Adriatic Sea. These areas are GORGEOUS!

But there is even more beauty than this. We rented a car and drove around most of the country (well at least from north to south). The drive inland was beautiful going from rolling hills to mountains and then coastline.

It’s beauty is unmatched!


We had such good experiences with the people. We booked 3 Airbnb Experiences throughout our stay. This was a great way to connect with locals. But aside from that, we learned so much from the people when we visited a family-run winery outside of Dubrovnik, visited a Ćevapi stand outside of Zagreb, got our COVID tests from local nurses, and built conversation with various restaurant and cafe owners.


Croatia sits on the Adriatic Sea. They do a lot of seafood, that is delicious!! If you don’t like seafood, don’t worry — you can find plenty of other options.

BUT if you love seafood, all the more reason to visit Croatia.


Why visit Croatia — the gnocci!

I didn’t expect this, but we ate so much gnocci when we were there. I didn’t realize it was such a popular dish. But you do have to remember where Croatia is situated. It’s near Italy (think pasta) and south of many Slavic cultures (think pierogi and other dumplings).

One of my favorites was a gnocci with a truffle sauce in Hvar — this was one of our most memorable dishes!

Landscape and Geography

Okay, this is similar to my point above that Croatia is so beautiful. But to expand on that more the landscape is incredible. It’s very diverse. You can drive from green mountains and rolling hills in the north, to lakes in central Croatia, to dry mountains along the Dalmatian Coast, and finally to seaside communities and cities.

No matter what your travel style, there is so much to do and see.

Game of Thrones

If you are a big GOT fan, you HAVE to visit Croatia. Dubrovnik’s old town was the filming location for King’s Landing. Split was home to many GOT scenes, and the list goes on. GOT actually brings in a lot of tourists to the country (for better or for worse). But it is a fun bonus to walk in the path of some of the most infamous GOT scenes.

If you are not a GOT fan, no problem. The old towns will still feel really beautiful!

You can do it all in Croatia!

Croatia has ocean beaches, cliff jumping, lakes, camping, mountains, great food, great wine, olives, great people, and so much more.

What else can you ask for!

Affordability — especially compared to nearby tourist attractions

Croatia was definitely affordable. Don’t get me wrong — after renting a car and having to pay for accommodation and food every day, it does get pricey. But if you compare this to some of their touristy neighbors like Italy, Vienna, or Greece, it is much more affordable.

Our favorite Airbnb in Croatia (Apartment Zen) only cost us about $100 per night. It was in a great location with a balcony overlooking the bay, had a parking spot, and had great hosts! You would have spent much more than this on Lake Como, Chicago, L.A., Vienna, or in Mykonos.

Dubrovnik’s old town

My favorite place in Croatia was Dubrovnik’s old town. I just loved getting lost in history and the narrow cobblestone streets imaging the people that walked there hundreds of years before me. We found some of our favorite cafes hidden away and experienced some of the most memorable things while there.

In my opinion, Dubrovnik is one of the must-see’s on your trip to Croatia.

Unique differences between Dalmatian Coast and the north

Croatia is unique from other countries in that the north and the coast are much different. Our experience was that the north was much more affordable, it felt more culturally Slavic, and we had the opportunity practice our Croatian more.

The Dalmatian coast on the other hand felt much more “Mediterranean.” It was pricier and we spoke English more.

No matter where you go you will love it. But if you have the chance to include both parts in your trip, I would recommend it. It’s a great way to understand the country better.


Much of our trip to Croatia felt very serene. We got to relax on a balcony overlooking the ocean, walk down old streets, relax at cafes without much commotion, and just soak it all in.

The wine

The final reason why visit Croatia: the wine! Croatia has delicious wines. It’s in a climate that grows good wine-making grapes. And you can go to a great family run winery for an affordable wine-tasting that is out of this world!

There are sooooo many more reasons to visit Croatia. But these were the ones at the top of my mind. If you have more to add, let me know!

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