Why do a minimoon right after your wedding?

Why do a minimoon right after your wedding?

We just had the most amazing weekend with our family and friends — we got married! I’m working on a wedding post — thinking about ways to relate it to travel. But for now, I wanted to share a little bit about minimoon-ing! Why do a minimoon right after your wedding?? Read on to find out!

The term “minimoon” has been going around the last several years. I think about it as a mini honeymoon. Like I wrote a while back, we are doing a honeymoon a few weeks after our wedding. Check out our honeymoon itinerary to northern Italy (I CANNOT wait!).

But we knew we wanted to have a couple days of rest and relaxation after a full wedding weekend. So we did a minimoon for 2 nights on Lake Superior. This wasn’t far for us, but enough of a getaway to not be interrupted by friends and family. And this was the perfect way to spend the 2 days after our wedding! I highly recommend this to everyone planning their wedding.

I also want to say, this post can definitely be translated to life moments other than weddings. Maybe you have a graduation coming up in the family, or want to celebrate a loved one’s life. Consider a “minimoon” for these reasons as well!

Why do a minimoon right after your wedding??

It’s a great excuse to travel locally

A minimoon probably isn’t enough time to do a destination further away. But what a great opportunity to explore a local destination. Maybe it’s somewhere you have never been before, but you keep thinking about it. Or perhaps it’s a place you LOVE but don’t get the chance to visit much. Whatever the reason, your wedding is a great excuse to take a couple more days of vacation from work and explore a local place. Not that you should have to have a reason to do that…

Rest and relaxation

We had a fairly traditional, large wedding. We also had a couple social events the day before and the day after our wedding. It was a busy weekend to say the least. But regardless of how traditional your wedding is, how many people are coming (if any), if you’re planning other events or not — you will probably be exhausted afterwards.

It’s a beautiful, emotional time, no matter what you’re wedding looks like. I would highly recommend a minimoon right after your wedding for this reason alone.

This might look like sleeping for hours through the night, sitting on a patio overlooking a stunning view without talking to anyone, getting couple’s massages, or taking leisurely walks with your newlywed. R&R how you would like!

Time to process and reflect

Again — no matter what you’re wedding looks like — you might want time to process everything that happened. For us, our minimoon was a great way to process all the conversations we had with lifelong friends that we hadn’t seen in a couple years. We processed the ceremony, the food, the little pieces of drama here and there (although hardly any!). We processed how we felt before and after the ceremony.

It was a time for each of us to do our own reflection and process together. We even brought a journal. As we were reflecting on things, we took notes down. There was just so much that happened and so many things we felt.

I loved having the time to “lengthen” the whole experience by reminiscing with each other.

Time to open cards and gifts

Another reason you should do a minimoon right after your wedding is because it’s a great time to open any cards, notes, or gifts you receive.

It could be so easy to jump right back into normal, everyday life after your wedding. The cards and gifts could quickly be put on hold, forgotten about, or opened in a frenzy.

A minimoon is great time to open your cards and read everyone’s thoughtful messages. After doing so much planning (and likely spending some money….), it can be a really nice way to take a deep breath and be comforted by the amazing support of friends and family.

Look at pictures

If you hired a professional photographer, you likely won’t get these pictures for weeks. But you can probably count on other people taking pictures. We had shared a Google photo album with our friends and family. So while we were on our minimoon, we took some time to go through all these pictures!

It was such a fun way to re-live all the moments we experienced and to see things we weren’t a part of.


Intimacy means different things to everyone. No matter what it means to you — hugging, emotional connection, staring into each other’s eyes, or sex — it might be really important for you to have these moments right after this huge life event. And let’s be real: sometimes regular life and responsibilities get in the way of this.

So take the opportunity and enjoy all the intimacy you want!

Great excuse to disconnect from the world

Why do a minimoon right after your wedding? A final reason to get away with your new husband/wife right after your wedding is because it’s a great excuse to disconnect from the world.

Although you shouldn’t need a reason. We should all be able to disconnect without feeling guilty anytime we want! But the reality is that we are so connected these days through technology. There is a lot of pressure to respond urgently to each text, phone call, email, Instagram post, DM etc.

But this is one time in life, that EVERYONE will understand if you’re MIA for 2 days. People will even expect this.

Soak it in!!!! Maybe put your phone aside for a few hours each day, or for a full day! A minimoon is the PERFECT excuse to disconnect from the world.

I hope that these reasons inspire you to do a minimoon right after your wedding (or any other life event/milestone).


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