What will a Croatia honeymoon cost

What will a Croatia honeymoon cost

Consider Croatia for your honeymoon destination! There are many reasons why! Read on if you’re thinking: what will a Croatia honeymoon cost?

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What will a Croatia honeymoon cost?

Let’s break it down!

Note: for the sake of estimating, let’s say you’re planning to spend 10 days in Croatia.


Airfare will likely be one of the most expensive things you book on your Croatia honeymoon. The cost will be dependent on a lot of things:

Do you have airline points you can use? Are you flying from the east coast or the west coast (or in between)? What time of year are you traveling? What “class” do you want to sit in? How far in advance are you booking your tickets?

The general rule of thumb is that the further away you’re coming from the more expensive. If you are traveling at the most prime time, the more expensive your air tickets will be.

So let’s find the average. Say you’re flying from Chicago (middle of the US) during early October (shoulder season) and you’re booking Main cabin about 6 months out.

You’re probably looking at $800-$1200 per person. This would be $1600-$2400 for the two of you.


Accommodation will be your next highest price tag. Again, this can vary greatly. Do you want to do your trip as cheap as possible? Then consider staying in more budget accommodation (ie. hostels, 2-3 star hotels, maybe camping).

On the flip side if you can also find more luxury accommodation.

Another thing that will greatly impact your overall spending is how long you’re staying for. If you want to save money, you might want to keep your Croatia trip to closer to 7 days. With that said, my opinion is that you need at least 10 days in Croatia….

The cost will also vary by city. For example, Dubrovnik and Split (the Dalmatian coast) will be more expensive than Zagreb.

For the sake of estimating let’s say you’re traveling for 10 nights throughout Croatia and you are a mid-budget traveler. You’re on your honeymoon so you want to find places that feel romantic, special, and quaint. You want to stay in something comfortable, perhaps more boutique, maybe a 3-4 star experience.

It will vary by city, but on average you could find something really good for $200-$250. For 10 nights you will spend $2000-$2500 on accommodation.

Car Rental

When I recommend a Croatia trip, I recommend renting a car and driving. We always book with Sixt and have had great experiences.

The cost will vary depending on if you can drive a manual (it will be cheaper!), how many people you register to drive the car (the more people that will drive, the more expensive), and what type of coverage you want to opt-in for. Do you want a GPS? You might not want to worry about filling up with gas at the end of your trip.

I like to prepare people to pay on the higher end, just because car rentals are one of those things you will have the option to “opt-into.” And it could be for a good reason. For example, the last time we traveled in Europe, we paid a little extra so we didn’t have to fill up our gas tank before dropping it off. We paid for some damage protection knowing we might be driving through some narrow streets.

It can free your mind knowing your covered and protected.

With all of this said, the car rental can be really variable. But if you book far enough in advance, I would say you’re looking at ~$60-$100 per day for a decent sized car and automatic transmission.

On a 10 day trip a car rental could cost you $600-$1000.


Food is a fun one! This will depend on what type of accommodation you’re staying in. Often if you’re staying in a hotel, breakfast might be included (or you may have already selected and will be accounting for that). On the flip side if you do more homestyle accommodation (ie. VRBO) you can get some affordable groceries at the grocery store to make breakfasts and lunches.

Croatia is relatively cheap. It’s cheaper than northern Europe and the U.S.

For the sake of estimating: let’s say your breakfast is included at hotels and you go out for both lunch and dinner. We can break out a few possibilities:

  • Lunch: for 2 people at a nice, relaxed place might cost you $30-$50
  • Dinner: for 2 people at a nice, relaxed place might cost you $50-$100
  • Coffee: for 2 people to have a mid-morning coffee break might cost you around $4-$6
  • Drink: for 2 people to have a pre-dinner drink might cost you around $6-$12

On average, this would be about $90-$168 per day (for the two of you). That’s comfortably $900-$1680 for the whole trip.


Experiences can vary greatly on an international trip. I always recommend a good city tour (ie. a scooter tour in Split) and a winery visit throughout your trip. In Croatia I would book the following:

This would be roughly $600 for the two of you.


I recommend visiting at least one island off of the coast while in Croatia. Hvar can be a great one! The best way to get to Hvar is from Split. And it’s very easy to take a ferry (and with your car).

This is what we did on our Croatia trip. It was super easy, straightforward, and honestly the ferry ride was beautiful and relaxing (which was unlike my ferry ride experiences in Greece — apparently the waters are more choppy there….).

To take a car from Split to Hvar on a ferry is reasonable. It’s about $50 one way. This would be $100 roundtrip.


I always like to assume some buffer in there when planning a trip. This might be to buy souvenirs, gifts for family and friends, art to bring back home, or anything else you’d like to spend your money on.

This will vary by person and couple.


So let’s sum it all up. What will a Croatia honeymoon cost???

  • Airfare: $1600-$2400
  • Accommodation: $2000-$2500
  • Car Rental: $600-$1000
  • Food: $900-$1680
  • Experiences: $600
  • Ferries: $100

In total you’re looking at spending $5800-$8280 for your Croatia honeymoon.

While this range is wide, it can be helpful to see that if you’re planful and you really think through your priorities, you might be able to have the honeymoon of your dreams (still relaxing, tranquil, cozy, beautiful, special, and even luxurious) at a really reasonable price.

If this sounds amazing, but you don’t know where to get started, let me help you!

Note: the prices I lay out in my already curated Croatia honeymoon include: accommodation, excursions, and ground transportation (these estimates do not include airfare, food, or other miscellaneous expenses.


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