What type of couples should honeymoon in Croatia

What type of couples should honeymoon in Croatia

Wedding planning can be so fun AND exhausting. You might be trying to slip in thoughts of honeymoons between busy evenings of phone calls and spreadsheets. First of all — let me help you plan your honeymoon 😉 Second of all, have you considered Croatia for your honeymoon? You might be wondering what type of couples should honeymoon in Croatia. Based on our experience in Croatia (which was EPIC!), I will share my insight!

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Let’s dig right in!

What type of couples should honeymoon in Croatia

You LOVE natural beauty

Most people might say “of course” to this. Well — what I’m trying to say is Croatia is a place anyone would love!

If you love natural beauty you will love Croatia. Imagine driving along the Adriatic Sea driving up and down along the mountainous coastline. You might also love driving between the green hills in the north which might be reminiscent of central Europe.

Croatia is hands-down one of the most beautiful places I have visited!

Foodie couples

If you love food, you should honeymoon in Croatia.

One memory my husband and I like to relive over and over is from the day we landed in Zagreb. We were jet-legged but wanted to explore a few more hours before collapsing into bed. We drove around the outskirts of Zagreb, found this cute little ancient church, and then came across a small village little restaurant. Our first memory eating cevapi (pronounced CHUH-VAH-PEE) was pretty great.

Cevapi is essentially shaved meet roasted with paprika and garlic paired with sauteed onions. It’s super simple, but it was one of the most heavenly hot meals after a long day of flights (and airplane cuisine….).

The delicious food trend continues as you drive down the Dalmatian Coast where you will find delicious seafood, pasta, olives, and wine.

What is not to love?

Couples on somewhat of a budget

If you want to travel to Europe OR if any of this list strikes your fancy, your next question might be how expensive is Croatia.

Croatia has all the European charm but with less of a price-tag. For example we stayed in a house in Dubrovnik with a beautiful balcony overlooking the bay (where we spent numerous evenings) that was only about $100 (USD) per night.

Generally speaking, you will spend less than you would traveling for 2 weeks throughout the U.S.

Historical-architecture-loving couples

Croatia is an ancient country. Often we think of Greece for ancient history, we think of Rome for old architecture, or even Turkey for the beginning of time.

Croatia was right in that history! You will experience getting lost in the old town in Dubrovnik or walking through the Diocletian’s Palace in Split. You could even experience the oldest town in Croatia on Hvar Island.

And the best part is that the history is physically present through it’s buildings and architecture. This is one of my favorite things about traveling!

Game of Thrones fans

Game of Thrones fans — Croatia is a must!! Perhaps the most iconic is visiting the old town in Dubrovnik which was King’s Landing in the show.

You can find numerous tours and experiences related to Game of Thrones in this area.

It’s even more interesting to hear locals’ experiences during the filming of this show. Imagine being an extra on this GOAT of a show!

Couples who value control during travel

Croatia is a really easy country to rent a car in. We did our romantic couples Croatia trip with a rental car. It was seriously so easy. It’s one of the best countries I would recommend clients to rent a car for their experience here.

What this means is that it can give you a lot of control on your trip. If you are someone that get’s stressed or overwhelmed having to wait for trains or get’s anxious when you can’t run to the grocery store randomly, a car rental can give you back that control.

Because Croatia is fairly easy to do with a rental car, this is the top destination I recommend couples do if they really value feeling that control on an international trip.

Language-nervous couples

English is widely spoken in Croatia. This is especially true along the Dalmatian Coast. We found that it was less widely spoken in the north around Zagreb. But if you follow my recommended itinerary for you, that will be the end of your trip where you will already be a Croatia-expert 🙂

Because English is so widely spoken Croatia can make an excellent honeymoon destination for those language-nervous couples. If you are really worried about not being able to communicate with locals, Croatia might be a great destination to consider!

We found English was much more widely spoken than throughout certain parts of Italy (which some people may or may not be surprised to hear).

Couples wanting a diverse travel experience

If you’re wanting a diverse travel experience, consider honeymooning in Croatia! You can do wine tasting, get lost walking down cobblestone streets, swim in the Adriatic sea, hike, and relax as much as you want. What I mean is that Croatia is a great destination for couples wanting a diverse travel experience.

Has any of this inspired you to consider honeymooning in Croatia?? I hope so !! AND if you want help planning your trip head to my Travel Planning Services page. You will also find a few of my flagship honeymoon trips already curated for you — Croatia being one of them!


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