What to pack for Cartagena Colombia

What to pack for Cartagena Colombia

Are you planning a trip to Cartagena??? It’s the perfect place to visit to get away from the cold winters in North America. Cartagena makes packing easy. As a city on the Caribbean near the equator, the weather is the same all year round. No matter what time of year you’re going, this list will remain the same. Read on about what to pack for Cartagena Colombia.

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What to pack for Cartagena Colombia

This is one of the easiest posts I had to write. Cartagena is warm (it’s hot!) all year round. The high in temperature every month of the year ranges from 87-89 degrees F. This means you pack the same all year round and it’s fairly easy!

*This is not a packing list for all of Colombia. Colombia is so diverse topographically and thus climate wise. If you’re traveling to Bogota you may need to pack differently.

What to pack for Cartagena Colombia

  • Passport
  • Bathing suit(s)
  • Sun dresses for women
  • Shorts for women and men
  • Airy shirts and/or tank tops (men and women)
  • Walking shoes: I love my Keen’s walking shoes. You’ll be walking a lot through the Walled City. I would recommend some good, airy closed-toes walking shoes. You could also use some realllllllly good and comfortable sandals. But it’s so fun to get lost walking around in the Walled City. You will want to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Bug spray: According to CDC’s Travelers Health section, some travel to Colombia does require anti-malarial medication. This is not the case in Cartagena alone, but it’s recommended to prevent mosquito bites by using bug spray.
  • Sunscreen: it’s so hot and sunny!
  • All other toiletries as necessary
  • Book/Kindle: if you read, this is crucial! There are some great beaches and islands in and around Cartagena. You might also want to relax around the pool in your boutique hotel in downtime.
  • Evening outfit(s): This is preference. We were there for a wedding so I also had to pack my formal wedding-guest dress. If we weren’t there for a wedding, we probably would have had one or 2 evenings out for dinner and rooftop drinks.
  • Evening shoes and/or more dressy shoes to wear as you like
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat: Or any other hat to protect your face from the sun. Remember it’s hot in Cartagena! In case I forgot to say that already….
  • Crossbody bag or another purse that can hang close to your body. This is important wherever you travel. I always carry my money and cards in something close to my body
  • Camera: if you like photography, Cartagena is such a beautiful city to produce amazing, colorful photography
  • Colombian Pesos: We made the mistake of not having on us when we arrived into the country. We wished we would have had some for our driver. Our hotel arranged a driver to pick us up from the airport and bring us to the hotel. It’s also great to have a little local cash for tips in other place (although you can definitely use your card when eating out and at most places).
  • Proof of COVID Vaccination: We had to show this to one of our airlines (not all). From my experience, it’s best practice to bring your CDC proof of vaccination card wherever you travel. I keep it with my passport.
  • Sweater for the airplane: I didn’t near a sweater at all in Cartagena (even on a cruise). But it’s useful to have warmer clothes for the airplane, depending on where you’re traveling from (and what time of year).

I hope you find this list helpful. It’s pretty straightforward because you just need to pack clothes for warm weather! Don’t forget your sunglasses, bug spray, and sunscreen. Thank you for reading about what to pack for Cartagena Colombia.


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