5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000

5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000

As you know, I recently returned from a trip to Greece with one of my good friends. It was an incredible trip. More on that below! It was also one of the cheapest trips I’ve done in a few years. I wanted to inspire others by laying out 5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000!

International trips can get expensive.  And I think that can discourage people from enjoying something really beautiful. But there are ways you can make it more affordable. And when I say “affordable,” I mean there are ways you can enjoy a nice, romantic, dreamy, relaxing, and special trip at an affordable price.

By saying “affordable” you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice comfort or special-ness.

I hope that this post might inspire you to consider actually starting to save for that trip of your dreams!

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5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000!

Travel in the off- or shoulder-season

This is probably the biggest one. This can greatly affect the cost of your plane ticket and your hotel room. I would also argue that it’s more enjoyable to travel in the shoulder season.

For Greece, the shoulder season is considered to be April-May and September-October. We traveled at the end of September/beginning of October and it was actually perfect. The weather was in the low 70s the whole time (as in at night and during the day). So it wasn’t your “beach” weather but it was very comfortable and enjoyable — without the crowds.

If you can travel in the shoulder season (or the off-season) you might save hundreds of dollars on your roundtrip plane ticket. Although, from the middle of the United States, my plane ticket was still about half of my overall budget of 3000$….

Secondly, you will find hotel rooms to be more affordable. This could save you hundreds of dollars overall. Each of our hotel cost around $100-150/night. This was really an incredible deal! Read below for more info 🙂

Stay in 3 or 4 star hotels

Continuing on with hotels: we stayed at a 4-star hotel in each Paros and Mykonos. Each hotel was lovely, we had a private balcony (with a sea view in Paros), delicious breakfast included, and pools with a view, and hotel restaurants. I can’t recommend it enough.

Check out these hotels:

  • Mykonos Essence Hotel (Adults Only): 4 star hotel in Ornos a few minutes drive from Mykonos town. Ornos was a great town if you want to be a bit away from the crowds, but still want to have ease of access to Mykonos town. There are several beaches and restaurants that you will be super happy with!
  • Akrotiri Hotel in Paros: Akrotiri is technically a 3-star hotel, but it rivaled the Mykonos Essence Hotel. Paros was a bit cheaper than Mykonos. And this hotel came with a sea-view balcony.

Travel with a friend — not in your household

A third of 5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000 is to travel with a friend! And when I say a friend, someone that’s not in your household. Don’t get me wrong, Greece would be a very romantic vacation. You could definitely do it as a honeymoon or a family trip. Whatever you want!

But if we’re talking about ways to save money, one of the best ways to do this is to split the cost of the trip with someone that’s not in your household.

Part of this means sharing hotel rooms. Traveling with one of my best friends we were really comfortable with this.

Quick tip: at most hotels you have the option to say if you want a double bed or 2 single beds.

But it was a great way to save costs AND still experience the luxury and comfort of a nice hotel while we were traveling Greece. Plus we would finish a lot of our days sipping a local glass of wine on our balcony catching up on life and reminiscing about our day.

What’s not to love!

That meant we split the costs of hotel ($50-75/night/person). Or in our case, we decided to each book one of the hotels since we were spending 4 nights in Mykonos and 4 nights in Paros.

It worked out great!

Pick a few favorite excursions

I would recommend picking a few excursions throughout your trip that you’re really excited about. It might be wine tasting, an olive oil tour, or museum tickets. Whatever it is, pick a few of your favorites. Things you’re really excited about!

Don’t feel like you have to book up all your days with this pre-paid excursions. There is so much to do that is actually free throughout Greece. Walk to the top of a mountain, spend time on a beach people watching, and get lost walking through the streets of Mykonos town.

You don’t want to overbook all your time there AND this will save you money.

We did a wine tasting on each island and a full-day olive oil tour experience in Paros. This was a pretty expensive excursion, but it was well worth it! It was probably both of our favorite things we did while in Greece!

Plan ahead!

My final tip for 5 ways to travel to Greece for less than 3000 is to plan ahead. Even if you aren’t a planner, I would encourage you to start researching your trip in advance. One of the most important reasons you should do this is airfare. Airfare will probably be your most expensive item, but if you keep an eye on flights through Google Flights, you might see some deals pop up that can help shape your trip.

Planning can save you money $$$$$$ !

I hope you found these tips helpful! And they can certainly translate to other destinations than Greece 🙂


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