Watch this month #5

Watch this month #5

Okay, for the month of May — there are a few reasons I’ve selected this show to be the “Watch this month.” You’re probably going to wonder why I’m so late, so I will explain. This month, May 2023, watch this month #5 is White Lotus!

Check it out here!

For those that haven’t seen this show, it’s really good! It’s on HBO. If you don’t have HBO, maybe borrow a friend’s login? Or do the “trial.” Once you watch one episode, you’ll just want to binge the rest.

There are 2 seasons out of White Lotus (the third is in the making!). I had heard friends talk about the show, but I didn’t give it much time. UNTIL, I found out the second season takes place in southern Italy (Sicily in particular). Because of our upcoming trip plans to Italy (read our itinerary here), I knew I had to watch it!

We actually started with Season 2 (Italy) because of that. I think it was fine to start with Season 2. But if you have the time, start with Season 1 (Hawaii).

White Lotus won 10 Emmy’s!

White Lotus is a fictional chain of resorts throughout the world. Season 1 takes place at a White Lotus resort in Hawaii. Season 2 at a resort in Sicily. And rumor is Season 3 will take place somewhere in Asia. Asia is obviously a huge continent, so I’m curious where they’ve chosen.

Each season starts off with the knowledge that someone died at the resort. The season goes back in time to the beginning of the week. You meet a group of different travelers, each with a different story. And you will be left wondering the whole season 1. who died…. and 2. who is the killer…..

With that said, it’s not a horror show. It’s not a thriller, but it’s more a drama (or even a dramedy).

But the best part of this show is the cinematography and the views in these beautiful landscape. This is the part that may inspire you to travel!

And why am I choosing this show for this month. Well, we are preparing for our wedding in a few weeks and then our honeymoon. This show just seemed timely to the time in my life. After-all in each episode of White Lotus there is a couple on their honeymoon or a couple looking for a romantic getaway.

Also, maybe it’s a good time to have you wondering again where Season 3 of White Lotus will be.

Hope you enjoy!


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