Watch this month #3

Watch this month #3

Many of you may have already watched this movie. But for those that haven’t, my recommendation to watch this month is The Woman King!

AND I don’t usually recommend something that you have to go out and buy or watch in theaters. I had been wanting to see this movie, but we rarely go out to the movie theater these days. Suddenly, I noticed it was on Netflix!

So if you have Netflix or if your good friend or family has Netflix, you can watch it for free!

I loved this movie! I had heard such great things about it. But it exceeded my expectations. The cinematography was beautiful and the storyline was very good.

An added bonus, is that I learned so much about a piece of history that I admittedly didn’t know much about.

The movie is about the real Dahomey female warriors/army that existed in present-day Benin in West Africa . Check out National Geographic’s article on this piece of history. The army was present from about the 17th to the 19th century and protected the Kingdom of Dahomey.

This movie with start actress, Viola Davis tells a story that you will quickly be immersed into. I was so impressed by the physical skill and strength of these women.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, I highly recommend The Woman King!

Find it on Netflix (at least as of March 2023!).

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