The best place in Portugal for couples

The best place in Portugal for couples

Have you considered Portugal for your honeymoon? Or for your next romantic getaway? Read on for the best place in Portugal for couples!

Have you already read some of my other Portugal content?

Where is THE best place in Portugal for couples?

I have an opinion on this. While I have more places in Portugal on my list to visit, I already have an opinion about where the best place in Portugal for couples is….

That is the Douro Valley.

The Douro Valley is a large area along the Douro River (which runs all the way to and through Spain). But I want to keep my answer broad enough to encourage you to find pockets in the region for yourself.

The Douro Valley is filled with large rolling hills catapulting down into the river, sprinklings of wineries all throughout, small villages nestled in the mountains, and a calming aura.

It’s the ultimate romantic destination for couples.

Here are some of the reasons the Douro Valley is the best place in Portugal for couples

It’s romantic and private

Unlike cities like Porto and Lisbon, the Douro Valley is not filled with people around every corner. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Porto and Lisbon both. But often when couples want a romantic getaway, they want privacy, quiet, and space. Often a couple’s getaway is a way to take a break from the busy pace of regular, daily life.

And for that reason, I would 100% recommend the Douro Valley as the best place in Portugal for couples.

Some of the best wine & food

The Douro Valley is known for it’s wine. You can find numerous large and small wineries in the region. Imagine a few days with afternoon winery visits and tastings of some of the world’s best wines.

In addition, the Douro Valley has delicious food. You can find quite a few family-run ‘quintas’ (more on this below). These quintas often pride themselves on farm-to-table food and local ingredients.

On our most recent trip to Portugal, some of our best meals were in the Douro Valley. Pumpkin butter, homemade bread, and locally sourced fish are some of the things that stick out to me the most.

Access to leisurely outdoor activities

Yes, wine is what the Douro Valley is known for, but a flowing river and mountains also make this region great for outdoor activities. You can find kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, and e-biking options throughout.

Imagine mornings of leisurely outdoor activities — a long hike or an e-bike route through the mountains. Come back to your accommodation for lunch and rest before you do a wine tasting.

That might sound like the perfect day for some couples!

And if you just want to read by the pool all day, you can do that too!

Numerous ‘quintas’ to choose from

Quintas are peppered all throughout this region. They are small, quaint, family-run, B&B style accommodation. Historically they called them quintas because a family would rent out some of their land in exchange for one-fifth of their produce.

Now they are chic, simple, and luxurious accommodation.

For one of our favorites, check out Quinta de Sao Bernardo. This is probably one of our favorite hotels ever!!!

But definitely let me know if I can help you find a different one to fit your needs 🙂

Quintas often have a limited number of rooms (which means quality, intimate service), farm-to-table meals, a pool, spa services, wine tastings (of their own wine), and access to various activities.

Can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want

Finally, one last reason that makes the Douro Valley the best place in Portugal for couples is that you can make your visit here as simple (and relaxing) or as complex (and adventurous) as you want.

You could stay for two weeks, explore every mountain top on a bicycle, and locate every hiking path. OR, you could spend your days sleeping in, reading, and sipping wine.

The option is yours!

The Douro Valley is one of the stops on my pre-curated Portugal Honeymoon. Don’t miss out!! Reach out to me if this sounds even remotely interesting!


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