The best music festival in all of Africa: Bushfire

The best music festival in all of Africa: Bushfire

Are you a music-head? Do you love music festivals? Or are you planning a trip to southern Africa anytime soon? Read about the best music festival in all of Africa below: Bushfire in The Kingdom of Eswatini.

I am neither a music-head or regular music festival “goer.” But I have spent quite a bit of time in southern Africa. This music festival is a must-visit! If there’s anyway to time your travel to align with the festival consider doing so!

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First of all, what is the Bushfire Festival in Eswatini?

Bushfire is an annual 3-4 day music festival in the Kingdom of Eswatini. It brings in music artists from all over Africa, Europe, and the world. It’s held at one of the most beautiful spaces and venues in all of Eswatini: Malandela’s. Malandela’s is a venue that hosts an amazing farm to table restaurant (some of THE best homemade bread in all of Eswatini!), a bed and breakfast, local artist businesses, and space for tranquil enjoyment.

Every year, Malandela’s prepares it’s lodging and acres of land for the annual Bushfire festival.

The festival includes various stages for music performers and DJ’s. Like many other music festivals, there’s a main stage with some of the biggest performers. There are also numerous smaller stages for smaller artists and DJ’s you can dance to.

Aside from the amazing music, you will find some of the best food vendors and bar set-ups. For any expat in Eswatini, the corndog stand can be exciting. But better than this is food from all over the world.

The other big question you might be wondering, where would you sleep? Well, you could find accommodation at backpackers, bed and breakfasts throughout this whole tiny country. OR you could rent out space at the music festival to sleep. This has included the option to bring your own tent and set it up for a budget option. But it also includes the opportunity to rent out some more luxurious already-set-up tents.

Don’t worry, portable showers are set up for people to use!

You can choose if you want to visit for a day or stay for 3 nights. Choose whatever package works best for you.

Check out the Bushfire website to learn all about their artists, accommodation, prices, and other logisitcs.

So why should you consider attending the Bushfire music festival?

First of all, it’s so beautiful! The scenery and set up is one of a kind!

The music is amazing! Think various Afro-beats, South African artists, folk, rap, hip-hop, and the list of genre’s goes on.

The food is delicious and options are amazing.

Art work: you will see various art work displayed for purchase. Support local amazing artists!

Let loose! It is a great opportunity to let loose a little bit! Rent a luxury tent, don’t worry about getting in a car and driving somewhere to sleep. Have that glass of wine while you dance to the music!

Finally, Bushfire is a huge income-generating event for the Kingdom of Eswatini. Tourism is a major source of income for this tiny nation. Although, this may not be the most “authentic” Swazi experience, I am definitely a supporter and advocate of attending because of this. Just like every year, the money you put into the concert will go back into the country.

I hope you found this helpful! Bushfire is a blast and such a fun opportunity to experience this tiny nation of Eswatini.


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