The best Greece honeymoon itinerary

The best Greece honeymoon itinerary

Greece is the most idyllic, rejuvenating honeymoon destination in Europe in my opinion.  There are many great honeymoon destinations around the world and throughout Europe. But Greece sticks out to me as the destination to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. If this sounds like the two of you, read on! Here is the best Greece honeymoon itinerary!

For the sake of this itinerary, we are looking at 12 days — a perfect number that you can adjust if you want to add or drop a couple days. Although, I will always recommend adding 😉

This is based on my personal travel through Greece AND also those places I regret not making it to.

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The best Greece honeymoon itinerary

So before we jump into the itinerary, let’s talk about why Greece for your honeymoon.

Why honeymoon in Greece?

  1. Greece is beaut-i-ful. Enough said!
  2. The Greek islands are perfect for R&R. When someone says their honeymoon priorities are rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, spa days, tranquility, and delicious food — my first recommendation is the Greek Islands (but also being careful of the time of year you go!).
  3. The food and wine. The food in Greece is delicious. It’s just not possible to get sick of hummus or fresh pita…
  4. The people are kind and hospitable
  5. There are plenty of quaint and chic hotels throughout the islands. This is one destination, I recommend doing hotels over Airbnbs, etc. The experience you get at these small and intimate facilities is unmatched!
  6. There is plenty of water and beaches for you to choose from.
  7. It’s easy to get around. Of all my recent travels through southern Europe, I characterize the Greek islands to be one of the easiest. The ferries are hassle-free. Hotels easily arrange transfers to the ferry port. Public buses are a piece of cake, and the distance you have to go to get from one end of an island to the next is not much.
  8. Greece is simply romantic!!

The best Greece honeymoon itinerary

Athens: 2 nights

To start of your journey throughout Greece, I recommend setting aside some time to explore Athens to start of this best Greece honeymoon itinerary. Although it can be busy and touristy, you’re already here. You might regret not seeing one of the most ancient structures in the world: the Acropolis.

Athens is also a great airport to fly in and out of. On my recent trip to Greece, we flew in and out of Mykonos. This is a great option if your trip is shorter (like ours was) and you want to focus on the islands. But if you’re interested in experiencing some of the mainland and the archeology of Greece, Athens is a good place to spend a couple nights.

You can spend a full day seeing the Acropolis and any other ruins you would like.

For a quaint, charming experience with a hint of luxury, you might want to consider staying at one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the WorldA77 Suites. Don’t forget to reach out to me to book if you want perks (room upgrade upon availability, free breakfast, and a hotel credit of up to $100)!

Mykonos OR Santorini: 3 nights

Mykonos is beautiful and Santorini is beautiful (I do have some regrets about not making it to Santorini for at least 1 night — but these are just the decisions you have to make when your time is limited!).

My recommendation for the best Greece honeymoon itinerary is to select one of these islands. They are the most well known and touristy. They’re touristy for a reason! But I highly recommend pairing one of the touristy islands with a couple lesser-traveled islands (keep reading).

Mykonos is great for ease, beach clubs, and late night drinks on the water with your boo (beau?) (or even dancing/clubbing if that’s what you’re looking for).

Santorini is known for it’s steep hills and magnificent views overlooking the ocean and cliffsides.

Both are touristy for good (albeit different) reasons. Select one that resonates most with your honeymoon priorities.

Paros: 3 nights

Spend the next 3 nights in Paros. Alternatively, if you elect to go to Santorini (over Mykonos), you may want to do Paros first, then Santorini — based off of the ferry schedules and where the islands lie in the Aegean Sea.

I LOVED Paros. Paros is quaint, relaxing, super affordable, while also having plenty of opportunity for hiking. If you want a day or two of hiking, consider spending a day hiking the ancient Byzantine Pathway from Lefkes (the oldest town on the island, up high in the center).

You’ll also want to check out Naousa and the bay of Parikia.

Do some wine tasting at Moraitis Winery (Naousa) for some romantic afternoon sipping and cheese pairings.

Paros is a must if you want to find the best Greece honeymoon itinerary!

Milos: 3 nights

After Paros (or maybe Santorini) make your way to Milos. You will notice each island has a different feel and landscape. Milos is known for it’s variety of beaches (even ones you can find in secluded areas) and volcanic landscape.

Milos is also a lesser known island compared to Mykonos or Santorini.

Part of what makes this the best Greece honeymoon itinerary is that Milos is a great opportunity to find some tranquility and rest as your trip winds down.

Also, if you want any help booking hotels, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

For example, Domes White Coast Milos is also one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is your honeymoon and you should splurge to treat yourself at least once 😉 Don’t forget: when you book with me, I can get you perks!

Athens: 1 night

After a relaxing few days in Milos, you’ll want to head to Athens for your last night of the best Greece honeymoon itinerary.

Consider heading back to the same hotel to get some final rest before your long journey back home.


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