The BEST girls weekend in Chicago

The BEST girls weekend in Chicago

I was inspired to write about my favorite weekend in Chicago with my closest friends. My good friends recently planned my bachelorette party in Chicago and it was the best weekend ever! I’m not exaggerating. I am so grateful to have some of the best friends and family. So all credit of this weekend goes to them (specifically Kate, Maria, and Nancy — thank you!). Read on for ideas for the BEST girls weekend in Chicago!

This post is perfect for people looking for a weekend getaway in Chicago emphasizing: affordability, quality time with genuine friends, a fun evening out, good food and drinks, and lots of laughter.

The BEST girls weekend in Chicago

Friday evening

Start your weekend with a relaxed evening at an AirBnB with your closest friends. This allows people to trickle in who live out of town, worked a full day, or had to say goodbye to their kiddos for the weekend.

We stayed in Logan Square at this Airbnb. It was perfect! This Airbnb had 3 bedrooms and could sleep 8. It had a back balcony. AND the bonus for us — with many of us driving — is that it had the capacity to have 5 cars parked in a lot. Plus, it’s in a great location!

This was perfect! After a few hours of driving, we got into Chicago around dinner time. When we arrived at our Airbnb we had an amazing charcuterie board and various wines waiting for us on the balcony. We spent the evening introducing those that didn’t know each other, catching up, telling stories, laughing, and sipping on wine and cheese pairings

Wow — the cheese and wine pairings that they created were incredible! It was better than anything I have done 🙂 For some inspiration on creating an evening of wine and cheese from around the world you can also check out my post here.

It was so cute. Each wine and cheese had a country flag on it from where it originated. The bottle of wine had a label on it to specify which cheese its best paired with.

Follow-up some snacking and chatting with a nutritious homemade dinner. You want to make sure you fill up for your activities tomorrow!

Saturday morning

My friends are the greatest…. I know quite a bit of money was put into the weekend. But at the same time, they found ways to keep it affordable for everyone. After-all, none of us are “rollin’ in the dough”. And when I’m catching up with good friends, I just enjoy having quality time lounging in our pjs.

We did just that. Have a leisurely morning, sipping coffee, lounging in your pj’s, sharing highs and lows of life — dating, marriage, motherhood, traveling, etc. These moments are my favorite!

Also this worked well for those friends that lived more local that couldn’t get away for a whole weekend. We had a couple ladies come in this morning and stay for the day or for 1 night.

Saturday mid-day

If you’re like us, you might want to do one active thing with your friends before you indulge a little later in the day 😉

We took an “energetic” yoga class at 11 am that morning. We all had some experience in yoga, so it was nice, because the class was definitely intermediate. We actually had a blast! There were plenty of meditative moments but also lots of laughter.

The nice thing about our location is that we could walk everywhere!

After yoga class return to the Airbnb for a nice homemade lunch on the patio.

Saturday evening

As the afternoon went on we all slowly took turns showering, maybe taking a quick nap, and doing some more catch up.

When early evening hit, we got ready for an evening out and then it was time to play some bachelorette games.

Whether you’re doing a bachelorette weekend or a more relaxed weekend away, you might enjoy something like this. We had so much fun playing a couple silly games. We pulled out some champagne, had some bridal veils and crowns, and we just laughed a lot.

When it’s time for dinner, we found a taco place with delicious margaritas and shared some great stories with each other.

The evening continued on with a couple stops, including a wine bar and a little dancing.

Whatever your style or your bedtime, it can be fun to just enjoy these experiences with your closest girl friends

Sunday morning

Sunday people slowly packed up and departed. Some of us were able to sit around and hang out for some more moments before we had to pack up and clean.

I can’t say thank you enough to some of my greatest friends (and sisters)! They organized such an amazing weekend that I will never forget. While it was my Bachelorette weekend, you could do something similar in Chicago with some of your best girlfriends for no reason at all.

I hope you found some inspiration in this post on the best girls weekend in Chicago!


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