One perfect day in Dubrovnik

One perfect day in Dubrovnik

Have you been dreaming about traveling to Dubrovnik, Croatia? Are you fitting to a tight schedule? Or do you just want an idea of how to spend a perfect day in Dubrovnik? We were in Dubrovnik for 3 nights/4 days. It was my favorite place in Croatia. I put together one perfect day in Dubrovnik for you! Whether you only have one day to spend here or you have a few days and aren’t sure how to spend your first day, I hope you find some inspiration here.

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One perfect day in Dubrovnik

Morning of one perfect day in Dubrovnik

6:00 am: Wake up early to get ready for the day and see the sunrise over the bay. If you’re looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend this Airbnb in the newer part of Dubrovnik. It was close to everything and had a balcony with fabulous views over the ocean.

7:00 am: Meet your photographer, Nino (through Airbnb Experiences) for 1-2 hours of photos in the old town of Dubrovnik. This is a great alternative to a “walking tour” in a new city. This way you get some gorgeous photos of yourself, your family, or with your spouse while seeing hidden gems only locals can tell you about.

9:00 am: After your photoshoot sit down for some R&R before the crowds come into the old town for the day. There are numerous cafes and places to grab breakfast in the old town. We ate breakfast here on this terrace. We ate delicious food while we watched tourists and locals slowly start to go about their day.

10:00 am: My travel style is to take it slow, see as much as you can by foot, and relax. So now that you got to see the surface of the old town through your photoshoot, spend some time walking around to the places you want to know more about.

11:00 am: Find a cafe in an alley and sit down for an espresso. Try to find something that’s not in the busiest parts of the city. We found this super cute “bar” that was open in the morning for espressos. It was mostly locals enjoy something with a friend before they got on with their day. This is my favorite way to soak in a new place. Maybe you just want to people watch, bring a journal, talk to your family, or practice your Croatian with the bar owner.

12:00 pm: Find a place to grab some lunch before leaving the old town. Consider getting some seafood. You can’t go wrong with the food or restaurants.

Afternoon of your one perfect day in Dubrovnik

1:00 pm: After having lunch in the old town (and letting your food settle), consider heading to a local beach or jumping in the water near the old town. There are numerous places around the old town that you can jump in the water. Think rocky coasts over gorgeous green/blue water.

There’s an infamous bar on the cliffside, where you can get a drink, sit at a table, or you can go ahead and jump off the rocks into the water. It was too crowded when we were there, but it looked like a lot of fun!

There are also numerous beaches around the city of Dubrovnik. I don’t remember the name of the one we went to, but it was really nice to cool off on a hot day by jumping in the ocean. We are not “beach” people, but it was so refreshing!

If you really are not interested in jumping in the water, consider going back to your Airbnb for a little nap.

3:00 pm: After taking a nap or swimming in the Adriatic, the late afternoon could be a great time to head out to a winery just outside of the city. If you have a rental car, this is easy. But we also found Uber’s to be very affordable and reliable. It’s also a great way to see some more gorgeous views of Dubrovnik that you otherwise wouldn’t if you stayed in the city the whole time.

The family-owned winery we went to was about 45 minutes from our Airbnb. But there are things much closer. Here’s a list of recommended wineries to check out in Dubrovnik.

Evening of one perfect day in Dubrovnik

5:00 pm: After wine tasting, head back to your Airbnb to rest on your balcony with gorgeous views, take a nice shower, and get ready for some dinner

7:00 pm: If where you’re staying is anything like ours, we enjoyed the walk down the hill into town. The alley/stairs we had to walk down had a street name and house numbers for people’s properties. But you were walking down cobblestone stairs. It was super fun. We really enjoyed this part of our day!

If you’re staying in the new part of the city, there are numerous restaurants to check out. We had some great experiences. I recommend just walking around until you see something you like.

Whatever neighborhood you stay in, there will be restaurant options.

9:00 pm: Depending on how late you stay out, this might be the time you want to go to bed. It also might just be the beginning of your night. Whatever you prefer, enjoy! Because this will be the end of your one (perfect) day in Dubrovnik.

One perfect day in Dubrovnik — sunset over the bay

I hope you make the most of it and found some inspiration here!


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