My top 5 shows on Netflix to inspire wanderlust

My top 5 shows on Netflix to inspire wanderlust

There are so many ways to “travel” from our home, our couch, or in our city. One way you can do that is by finding a good show or movie. We enjoy a few different subscriptions including YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO. But the all-time, affordable option with some of the best tv shows and movies is arguably Netflix. Here are my top 5 shows on Netflix to inspire wanderlust.

I might have to do a post like this more frequently. Shows and movies on Netflix are constantly changing and updating. Plus, there are so many I have not checked out!

My top 5 shows on Netflix to inspire wanderlust

Down to Earth — a great show on Netflix to inspire wanderlust

Zac Efron travels the world in this docuseries. Each episode takes place in a different country and highlights a different environmental or social issue. The videography is so good and will make you want to travel to each of the places (ie. Costa Rica, France, Italy).

He even does an episode in Sardinia discussing the idea of health. He describes that it’s one of the Blue Zones and home to some of the longest-living, healthiest people on this planet. You can read more about the Blue Zones in my post here.


This is a crime series on Netflix about a detective/person whose name is Lupin in Paris. It follows him in a beautiful way, the relationships he has, his family history, and the way he seeks discover truth.

I like this show because the story line is really great. The scenes are set in iconic parts of Paris. Yet, it also gives you the feel of everyday people in this romantic city. I also really enjoyed this show, because it’s not discussed much. It’s a hidden gem in my opinion!

Ancient Apocalypse

Next is Ancient Apocalypse.

This show was so intriguing! I highly recommend it for people who want to get inspired to travel this planet. AND it’s important to form your own opinions, hear from experts, and do your own research. Because this docuseries will put into question some of the greatest history lessons we’ve ever been taught.

The journalist, Graham Hancock (who has gotten tons of push-back from experts) travels the world to try to prove his theory that there was human life before the ice age.

Whether you will believe him, agree with him or not, this show is filmed in some of the most beautiful parts of the world! Each episode takes place in a different part of the earth and is somehow linked to Hancock’s theory.

This show made me want to travel to Malta, Turkey, and Indonesia. The history is astounding as well as the beauty!

From Scratch

This series has received more hype recently. I personally really enjoyed it! It might be helpful to know it’s based on a memoir. Fun fact: the main character’s family is from Zululand (South Africa). And it felt close to my life and the language I spoke for 2 years. You can read more about Eswatini here.

This true story follows an American woman (of color) that meets an Italian in Florence. They fall in love, get married, and start a life. This show is about life, love and all of life’s challenges. It really is a beautiful story and will bring you to L.A. and all over Italy (Florence, Sicily, etc.).

From my experience it was more of a “ladies” movie. My fiance found it a bit slow. But I was hooked!

Our Great National Parks

One of my final favorite shows on Netflix right now is a docuseries narrated by Obama. His voice!! The show is Our Great National Parks. He partners with National Geographic to highlight some of the most beautiful national parks on this earth, and the environmental challenges they face.

The show will take you to Patagonia in Chile, Kenya, Madagascar, Australia, and Yellowstone National Park. Plus, did I mention, the voice of beautiful narration is Obama’s!


I hope you enjoyed my top 5 shows on Netflix to inspire wanderlust! I should do this more often, because new shows come out all the time. Plus there are so many shows already on Netflix that I have yet to discover!

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