My favorite morning coffee ritual

My favorite morning coffee ritual

Coffee is my favorite part of the day! I know a lot of people agree with me. There are so many different types of ways to brew coffee, make coffee, and drink it. Do you want to drink it in a mug or in a travel cup? There’s the typical American coffee-maker, french press, pour-over, cold brew, lattes, instant coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, and the list goes on! This is my favorite morning coffee ritual.

My favorite morning coffee ritual

Through my travels, I’ve seen so many different ways to make coffee. When I lived in India, I primarily used a pour-over in my room. You only need hot water! The same goes with the french press. I had this tiny, single-serving french press in my home in eSwatini. I’ve stayed at Airbnb’s and hotels that use the typical American-coffee maker, the Nespresso machine, or an espresso machine. One of my favorite parts of traveling is finding little cafes with tiny espressos!

With all that said, my favorite morning coffee ritual starts off with a stove-top espresso/coffee maker. Otherwise known as a moka pot or commonly the Bialetti.

Why have a favorite morning coffee ritual

I’m a big believer in enjoying the small things throughout your day. While America does a lot of things well, I think this is where we do ourselves wrong. It’s so common here to take away small pleasures in our day. It’s pushed to diet, eat less, do more, work faster, and get more accomplished. But when do we actually just enjoy our favorite things.

I love the taste of coffee. I love the ritual and routine that it creates in the morning. It’s so great! I go to bed looking forward to waking up in the morning!

This is something I’ve learned from living in other parts of the world. Particularly the most transformational time of my life — when I was an exchange student in Poland.

Check out what I learned from 12 months living in Poland.

My host family had a stovetop espresso maker. This was their primary way to make coffee in the mornings. While I didn’t love coffee when I arrived, I loved it when I left.

Aside from that, growing up, my mom had a stovetop maker. I have great memories of sipping coffee at my parents looking out their huge picture window to the field on their property. When I was in college, I would back to visit and we would just sit and catch up. We do this every time I am home to visit.

Our good family friend from Berlin had a stovetop espresso maker. She actually gifted me hers when she officially moved back full time (Thank you Christine!).

My favorite morning coffee ritual — the stovetop espresso maker

With all this said, I suppose using the stovetop maker gives me a lot of nostalgia….. But in my honest opinion, it makes THE BEST coffee. It’s strong and dark (I use dark roast because that’s my preference).

It’s not just the taste of the coffee, it’s the reminder to slow down, take some breaths, process the night before, anticipate the day to come, read a book, catch up with friends, or to enjoy some solo time.

How to use the stovetop espresso maker

The stovetop espresso maker is pretty simple to use.

First, take all the pieces apart. Twist off the top compartment and pull out the coffee funnel.

Fill the bottom compartment up with cold water up to the air valve. You want to make sure you don’t cover this so steam can escape.

Next, put the coffee funnel back inside. Fill it up with your coffee of choice. I prefer dark roast, but you could do light/medium roast. I haven’t perfected the type of grounds you should use. But I have heard you should not use finely ground coffee, something a bit more coarse.

Twist the top compartment back on top.

Finally, put the best-coffee-maker-in-the-world on top of your stove. I put it on high/medium high (if you have a gas stove, be careful not to put it on too high that the flames are coming up over the machine).

It will take a few minutes to percolate. You will start to hear some boiling. Let the coffee boil/percolate up to fill the top compartment. I usually leave it for a minute or so. When its full, turn off the burner.


My favorite morning coffee ritual

I’ve never been a ‘coffee first thing when you wake up’ type of person. Maybe I get that from my mom. She would always make her coffee mid morning, after eating and cooking a long weekend breakfast. That’s also been my experience while traveling. It’s so common to see people sipping coffee around 9 or 10 am, taking a break from the busy day.

My daily coffee ritual is a bit different on the weekend vs. the weekdays. During the weekdays, I start work at 7 am — its so early!

I’ve managed to wake up earlier now so that I can have a little time to some coffee and read. When I wake up, I get ready for my day, come downstairs, assemble my stovetop coffee maker and eat breakfast while it brews.

To me part of my morning coffee ritual is putting coffee in my favorite mug. I love these simple white ones from Ikea. Because 15 minutes is nothing, I also bring the rest of my coffee to work. I drink it around 9 after I’ve gotten a few of my least favorite things checked off of my list.

Even for that, I’ve found my favorite travel mug that I bring to work. Its so practical for me, but also very cute (the perfect combination). I love Made by Fressko coffee mugs. We have a couple different colors, but this is my go to (the sage).

On the weekend, I usually just enjoy my coffee while reading my book or talking with my fiance.

And, I forgot to say, that I always enjoy my coffee with a little bit of half and half. I will do it black if I need to, but life’s about these small pleasures.

Now I need to go enjoy my favorite morning coffee ritual.


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