How to travel when you aren’t traveling

How to travel when you aren’t traveling

A lot of people might not be traveling through the winter months. We usually do some local travel to see family. But our bigger trips tend to be in the warmer months. If you’re like me, you might want to keep your travel dreams alive during these cold months. Get some ideas here on how to travel when you aren’t traveling!

I hope you find some inspiration from this list! This list could keep you busy all winter long while you’re waiting for your summer travels.

How to travel when you aren’t traveling

Read a book

Do you have a specific destination you’ve been dreaming about recently? If you do, find a fiction book that takes place there. Or find a non-fiction book that has a large focus on that destination.

Even if you don’t read a lot, you can probably find something that you will enjoy and will keep you “traveling” through the winter months.

A logistical point: if you don’t have one already — get a local library card and you can read books through Kindle on your phone or device. It’s sooooo worth it!

Watch a movie or a show

These might seem obvious, but find a movie that takes place on that destination. Or if you don’t have a specific destination in mind, find an award winning foreign-film. There are so many foreign shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.

Plus in the cold months, what sounds better than a cozy night with a blanket, glass of wine or cup of tea, and a good movie — especially after a long week of work?

Have a wine and cheese night

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that thinks this, but sharing an afternoon of delicious cheese, bread, and wine with a friend makes me think of traveling. There’s something about it. You could do it at home, or go out with a couple close friends and sip on wine and nibble on things as you catch up!

Cook a meal

Find a couple good recipes that originate in that destination you’re dreaming about. Make a meal that inspires you for your next trip.

Or have a potluck with friends and ask everyone to bring a dish from somewhere special to them.

I’m inspiring myself here, because I don’t think I’ve actually done this!

Get together with friends

Related to above, but this point is thinking about getting together with those friends that might share your love of a certain place. You could get together with the intention of just talking and dreaming of travel all night.

What a great way to escape the cold months for a morning or an evening with someone you love!

Research and plan your next trip

This might be my favorite point 😉

If you know you want to do a trip later in the year, spend some time researching and planning for your trip. This is a great way to “travel” when you aren’t traveling.

For me, an ideal Saturday morning is a great cup of coffee (or espresso) and reading and researching that country that I’m so excited about!

Learn a language

If you have time, learn a language! And even if you don’t think you have time, there are great resources available to do 10 minutes a day. Duolingo is one of them! It’s free, super user-friendly, allows you to “compete” with friends and family (and strangers) and is a fun way to learn a little language.

Find events that inspire your travel dreams

My last point for how to travel when you aren’t traveling is to find a local event that — for whatever reasons inspires you to want to travel. For example, if you’re dreaming of traveling to Spain next fall, is there a Spanish artist playing at a venue anytime soon? Is there a Meet-up on Spain? Can you find events going on at your local library or in the community?

There are so many spaces you could look into to find something of interest.

I hope these points were helpful and maybe inspiring to give you something to do this winter.


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