How to spend one day in Split, Croatia

How to spend one day in Split, Croatia

Like I mentioned in several of my other Croatia posts, Split is a city well situated for history, culture, access to the islands, with great food, and nature. It’s the city we identified as most likely to live (of all Croatian cities) 🙂 If you’re planning your trip to Croatia you can check out some of my other posts below. I also like to do a “micro-itinerary” by planning out one day in a new city. Sometimes it helps to get you oriented and know what you want to do the rest of your trip. So read this post on how to spend one day in Split.

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How to spend one day in Split


6:00 am: If you can manage waking up early, I recommend doing it while you are in a new place. When a place is touristy, this can really help you enjoy places without the crowds. Go walk around the old town when it’s quiet while you wake up.

If you’re able to stay in an Airbnb or hotel in the old town in Split, I highly recommend it!

This is where we stayed and we could no recommend it enough! You cannot drive up to it, but can only access it by foot. They do recommend a parking lot and it was totally worth it for the experience.

7:00 am: Grab breakfast at one of the restaurant/cafes on the board walk or nearby recommended by locals.

8:00 am: It should still be early enough to get ahead of the crowds (and the heat depending on when you’re there!). Go check out the Diocletian’s Palace! This will be just a short walk from the old town, the board walk, and the sea. This is a great thing about Split! So much is within walking distance! Get lost walking around the Diocletian’s Palace

Take pictures, stop into shops, buy a couple souvenirs if your heart desires. But the best part is that you can enjoy it at a leisurely pace.

10:00 am: Take a break and sip on a tiny espresso right inside the entrance of the Diocletian’s Palace. It’s so great, because you can sit outside on the steps and a waiter will bring you your espresso and/or croissant while you people watch.

At this point you might want the break and will enjoy watching the tourists (and locals) as they come in in awe of this ancient palace.


12:00 pm: At this point you might be hungry. Grab some lunch at a local stand or restaurant you find nearby. You could also consider going into a little grocery store to buy some lunch. Then enjoy it near the water!

1:30 pm: grab your bathing suite! (or put it on under your clothes) and check out a scooter tour of the city that includes a ride through Marjan Park.

We found a fabulous scooter tour through Airbnb Experiences. We spent quite a bit of time at Marjan Park and were so surprised about this huge piece of nature in such an ancient city. You can ride your bike, walk your dog, or go for a run for miles of well-maintained trails underneath trees in the shade.

The trails are also situated near many beaches. If you would like, go for a dip in the Adriatic Sea to cool off!

This would be a great place to spend another half day in. So if you’re staying for a few days consider packing a picnic and returning to Marjan park one afternoon.

There are a few food options throughout if you want to grab a snack or take a break with a cold beer.


5:00 pm: return to your Airbnb/hotel, get some rest, take a nap, and/or enjoy a relaxing shower. Get ready to go out for some dinner

7:00 pm: Go back out to catch your dinner reservations. We ate at an adorable little restaurant in one of the narrow cobblestone streets near our Airbnb. It was very romantic with twinkle lights and delicious food.

After you enjoy some delicious food (consider getting seafood!), take a nice, leisurely walk along the water. If you want to grab, you could grab a post-dinner drink at numerous of places.

You might even run into a choir singing as the sun is setting. Split is a gorgeous city, and experiencing it at sunset and as it darkens is a great way to soak in the character of this place. I highly recommend it! Even if you’re an early bird (like me!).

There you go! Now you have one day planning on your Croatia trip. I hope this post on how to spend one day in Split inspired you!


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