How to plan your minimoon

How to plan your minimoon

If your wedding is coming up, you might be starting to think about your honeymoon and minimoon! If you were like me, you might be thinking about those trips more than your wedding plans…. While most people dream about honeymoons, a minimoon might also be something to consider. Read on for some ideas on how to plan your minimoon.

A minimoon is basically a mini-honeymoon. More and more couples are doing their honeymoons weeks, months, or even years after their wedding. Because of this a minimoon is a great way to do something immediately after your wedding.

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How to plan your minimoon

To help you plan your minimoon there are a few main considerations I recommend you think about:

Are you doing a honeymoon?

When starting in how to plan your minimoon, I would think about what you’re doing for your honeymoon. Are you doing a honeymoon immediately after your wedding? If so, you might not even want to consider a minimoon.

Although, you could consider doing a smaller trip several months after your honeymoon and call it your minimoon!

If your honeymoon is several weeks, months, or even a year after your wedding, this is when I would recommend thinking about a minimoon.

Thinking about where, when, and for how long your honeymoon is might help you frame why you want to do a minimoon.

For example, if you’re going to spend 1 luxurious month in Italy in a few weeks, maybe you just want to do something simple close by to home for your minimoon. On the other hand, if you are going to be hiking through Alaska for your honeymoon, maybe you want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury for your minimoon.

Thinking about your honeymoon can help you frame what you want in your minimoon.

How long do you have for a minimoon?

The next big question I would ask is how long your have for your minimoon. For example, if you are saving vacation days for your honeymoon (like I was!), you might only be able to take 1 day off of work. Or maybe you have to get back home to your pets and/or children.

For this reason a minimoon might typically just be a couple nights long.

We had the perfect honeymoon at a cozy tiny house up on Minnesota’s north shore of Lake Superior for 2 nights. We slept in, sipped coffee on the deck overlooking the lake, took saunas, and did a couple leisurely walks. That was perfect for us.

What is your budget for a minimoon?

Budget is an important aspect to help you determine how to have the best minimoon.

If you’re going to be spending 10k on a honeymoon in a few months, maybe you want to do a “stay-cation” minimoon. Maybe you want to book up in your house for a couple nights. Or maybe you want to swap houses with a friends for a couple nights.

You can also do a minimoon for a couple nights at a hotel in your city — that way your only additional expense is a hotel.

On the other hand if you have a high budget, maybe you want to pamper yourselves in spa treatments and a couple fancy dinners.

Determining your budget will help you identify a feasible minimoon.

What is a feasible destination for your minimoon?

Finally, the big thing you want to think about is a feasible destination for your minimoon.

Because minimoons are typically 2-3 nights, you might want to consider some place within driving distance. This will keep costs low and you won’t spend precious time traveling. It can also be a great way to explore an area in your town that you’ve always wanted to explore — but keep putting off.

With that said, sometimes you can find great direct-flights from your city to a destination that might be a perfect minimoon destination.

For example, Minneapolis has some seasonal direct flights through Sun Country airlines. You could get to a destination within a couple hours and settle in for a few nights.

Answering all these questions for yourselves and your situation will help you plan your minimoon. Make it what you want and to fit your needs!


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