How to be a tourist in your own hometown

How to be a tourist in your own hometown

If you aren’t able to travel the world right now, you could consider “traveling” in your current city. Here are some ideas to be a tourist in your own hometown. It can keep your hometown or current city interesting. You might also get to itch your travel bug!

Go walking

One of my favorite things to do anywhere is go for a walk. But it’s amazing how set we get in our routines. If you have the travel itch right now but aren’t able to do any traveling, you could build in time to walk around in neighborhoods you’ve never been.

Maybe you plan to do a long walk Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Or you could plan to visit a new neighborhood every Saturday for an hour.

Stay at an Airbnb for a couple nights on the weekend

If finances isn’t keeping you from traveling, but other logistical things are, you can still sleep somewhere else! Consider booking an Airbnb over the weekend — even for one night! You might get the chance to get coffee in the morning at a different coffee shop, run errands in a different area, drive a different route.

Plan a “foodie” Saturday

If you have some restaurants and/or cafe’s you haven’t been to, consider planning a “foodie” day on the weekend! Wake up early to get a coffee at a coffee shop. Follow that up with a croissant at a cafe. Then grab some lunch at that sandwich stop you keep hearing great things about. Take a nap in the park. Or go for a walk to digest your food. Then check out a cocktail bar you’ve never been to for an afternoon drink.

Finally, grab some dinner at a restaurant that’s been forever on your list!

It might be a pricy day, but not as expensive as booking a flight and hotel to a different city.


If you like museums, there must be some museums you haven’t been to in your own city. Visit them!

Look at local events

It’s amazing how many events there are going on in a city/town. You probably haven’t heard of half of them! Go to sites like Eventbrite. Or your city website. You can even find things on Airbnb Experiences.

Get creative! You might find something really interesting happening that you never knew about.

Take a language class

If you’re so excited for your trip to Italy this fall, take an Italian language class to get in the Italy-mode! (P.S. — we are so excited about our Italy Honeymoon coming up!! Read our itinerary here.).

Even if you don’t have an international trip planned, maybe you’ve been wanting to learn another language. Maybe you aren’t great at languages but you just want to meet people. This could be a great option!

Take a hobby class

Similarly to language class — take a hobby class. If you’ve been interested in painting, photography, gardening, or story-telling, you could find that. In most cities, there are community-education classes at affordable prices.

I’ve done French classes this way and it’s been a great experience!

Make a list of all the attractions you’ve never been in your city

Consider if you were traveling to a city you’ve never been, what would you do? Think about this in your city. What do you recommend tourists do when they visit? What is a tourist attraction that you’ve never been?

Buy those tickets! Make those reservations! Or just go and visit. This can be a great way to be a tourist in your own hometown.

Have friends from out of town visit

Sometimes it helps to have friends visit for the weekend! I had friends visit recently and I came up with a sample weekend itinerary (like this one here). It will break up your routine and will remind you about the beautiful things in your own city.

Sometimes seeing a place through someone else’s eyes can be helpful and inspiring!

Take a day off

Take a Friday or a Monday off from work and do something interesting for yourself. You could even make it a Wednesday!

Do a house/apartment swap with friends/family for the weekend or a week

Finally, one way to be a tourist in your own hometown is to swap homes with a friend or family member for a weekend (or a week!). This can be a fun way to be in a different environment, but not have to pay for the expenses of traveling.

I hope you found this list inspiring and helpful! If you aren’t able to travel right now, have some fun in your current city!

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