How many days in Douro Valley

How many days in Douro Valley

Has the Douro Valley been popping up in your Portugal research? More and more people are becoming aware of the gem of Portugal that is the Douro Valley. We just returned from our trip to Portugal, and it is truly one of the most beautiful places. It rivaled Lake Como in our opinion! But the important question to answer is how long to spend there. So lets talk about how many days in Douro Valley!

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How many days in (the) Douro Valley

If you haven’t already read, we did an accelerated trip to Portugal. With only 7 full days we had to pick and choose what destinations were a priority (and for how many nights). We only had 2 nights in the Douro Valley. And it wasn’t enough!

But that was a tough choice we had to make.

If you are wondering how many days in (the) Douro Valley are necessary on your trip, here are a few questions to help guide your answer.

How long do you have in Portugal overall?

This is the first question to answer, how long do you have in Portugal overall? Even though Portugal is small, there is so much to see and do in this little country!

Personally, I recommend that you see a couple parts of the country. So a good place to start when thinking how many days in Douro Valley is to answer how long you have for your overall Portugal trip.

If you only have a week (like we did), and you know you want to head to at least 1 other destination (like Lisbon or Porto) — this will help answer that question. You probably will only want to be in the Douro Valley for 3-4 days at the most.

What are your travel interests and style?

When thinking about how many days in Douro Valley are needed, the second question you should ask yourself is what are your travel interests and style?

The Douro Valley is a great place for a variety of travel interests. Whether you are a foodie and wine connoisseur, an outdoor enthusiast, or a lover of tranquility the Douro Valley is a great place.

Outdoor adventure may not be the first thing people think of when they hear about the Douro Valley. But there is a lot to do here: hiking, biking, and canoeing or kayaking to name a few.

We stayed at Quinta de Sao Bernardo (it might be our new favorite hotel EVER!!) and took our their e-bikes for the day. We spent a full day climbing the mountain, soaking in the views, and stopping in a small town for a local lunch. It was one of the best days on our whole trip!

It’s also worth mentioning that the Douro Valley is a great place for people who love solitude, tranquility, and slow days. If you are the type of person that wants to start your day sipping coffee with a book hearing the birds chirping and finish the day with a glass of wine on your balcony overlooking the flowing river, the Douro Valley is your place!

If any of these are your travel interests and/or style, you might want to consider spending 3-4 nights here at a minimum.

How much do you love wine tasting?

Perhaps the thing that the Douro Valley is known most for: its wine! If you love wine tasting, this is a great place to call home for a majority of your trip.

The Douro Valley is home to many “quinta’s” which are small, quaint bed-and-breakfast-type accommodation. Often the quinta’s make their own wine and grow all their own produce. So if you’re staying at one (I already told you our favorite above!) you will likely have a wine tasting experience right there.

But you can also spend a couple days traveling all over the region exploring other wineries.

If this is what you love, I would recommend having at least 4 full days in the Douro Valley.

Four full days gives you enough time to bop around the region, leisurely try wine, and attend a variety of tours. You won’t have to cram 10 (mini) glasses of wine into 1 day.

With this said, if you have a month for all of Portugal, you may want to spend a couple weeks here!

Do you prefer cities or small towns when traveling?

A final question I would answer for yourself is if you prefer small towns or cities while traveling.

Even if you are all about the city-life when traveling through Europe, I would still recommend a stop in the Douro Valley. Afterall — a trip to Portugal is not complete without it!

BUT if cities are your priority, you might only want to do a day trip to the Douro Valley or 1-2 nights.

On the other hand, if you love experiencing the slower pace of life and enjoy small towns while traveling, I recommend staying in the Douro Valley longer.

You need to answer all these questions for yourself to officially decide how many days in Douro Valley are needed. Personally, I do love the small town feel and slow days when traveling.

I dream about spending 1 month in the Douro Valley. I would love to find modest accommodation to call home for a month, take the train throughout the region, stop at different wineries, and fill my day with slow walks in the sun and morning coffee while getting to understand the local culture.

Doesn’t that sound blissful?

I hope this helps give you an idea of how many days in (the) Douro Valley you need.


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