How many days do you need in Florence

How many days do you need in Florence

Are you planning your trip to Italy for next spring or summer? Maybe you aren’t sure how to craft your itinerary. Like how many days do you need in Florence?? Read on for some inspiration — and for a sample Florence itinerary!

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How many days do you need in Florence

We stayed for two nights in Florence. This included an afternoon (after traveling from Tuscany), a full day, and a morning (before departing to Cinque Terre). We had an amazing time and would do it all over again!

If we had more time in Florence, we probably would have taken it. There was sooooo much to see and do in Florence! We gained a new appreciation for art in this city and we loved getting lost in history.

If you only have one or two nights here, its worth it!

But if you’re asking me how many days do you need in Florence, I would say you should plan for three nights.

Now, in an ideal world — you have many more days than that! But if we’re talking about someone that has to return to her full-time job and responsibilities in a couple weeks, three nights should do.

Three nights might be two full days and a half day on either side.

We can give you a sample of our Florence itinerary here!

2 night Florence itinerary

Day 1: early afternoon

Arrive into Florence in the afternoon. Make your way to your hotel and settle in. We stayed at La Terrazza sul Duomo in central Florence. It was a great location — right in the heart of the city.

It is a touristy location and typically I like staying away from some of the chaos. But because you will probably want to do a lot in the next couple of days, this location can actually be pretty nice.

La Terrazza sul Duomo had AC, which is crucial in Florence in the summer. It had breakfast and was a nice hotel. The ultimate reason I chose to stay here was because we had access to a rooftop! The views were incredible!

If you are a “views-person” this is reason enough to stay here. And I say this because Florence is known for it’s rooftops. Lots of people want to go to rooftop restaurants and bars while here.

Well if you stay at this hotel, it takes some of the pressure off of finding a special restaurant with a view.

Once you check into your hotel, you might be hungry

Grab some lunch at the famous All’Antico Vinaio  Does a focaccia sandwich with a glass of rose sound delicious? Well you can find that here at an affordable price. The lines may be long, but they go really fast so don’t let that deter you!

After lunch we walked around the narrow, cobblestone streets of Florence.

Day 1: late afternoon

Meet up for your walking tour booked through Viator! I like to do walking tours in a place like Florence. They can be extremely affordable (don’t forget to tip!) and can get you oriented to the city. This tour through Viator was really good! We learned so much about the Medici family that helped us understand different aspects of the rest of our time in Florence.

Day 1: early evening

Find a wine window!! Wine windows are a piece of history characterizing Florence. You can find several of them sprinkled throughout the city.

Hundreds of years ago, wine windows were created by families that wanted to sell their wine for income, but didn’t want to pay taxes as a business. They also became useful in times of pandemics, like the bubonic plague — and yes – COVID!

We ended up going to Babae. There was a little line, but we got our glasses of wine through the “window” within an hour. Then we sipped on the streets and people-watched. It was a fun experience and something unique to some of the other more “expected” experiences in Florence.

Day 1: late evening

As you’re walking around keep your eye out for dinner. Now, we actually didn’t make any dinner reservations when we were in Florence. If you love finding the best restaurant you probably should make reservations.

But we actually really enjoyed wandering and then stopping at that restaurant we stumbled upon.

Before calling it a day — you have to get gelato 😉

Day 2: early morning

Wake up early and walk around Florence! This is one of the best things you can do if you want to experience some of the city without all the tourists!

Take some gorgeous pictures over the Arno river while the sky is lightening from the sunrise.

Head back to your hotel for breakfast. Then bring an espresso up to your rooftop. Spend some time soaking in the view, reading, journaling, or generally relaxing.

Head back out to walk around a new neighborhood in Florence. Take your time, get lost, grab a cappuccino, and then find some lunch.

Day 2: early afternoon

We had some really delicious pasta while we were in Florence. And if you walk a little away from the city center you are more likely to find something less catering to tourists.

After filling up on some delicious food, make your way to the Accademia for your tickets to see the Statue of David. I highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. When you do that you will purchase tickets for a specific time. You still have to go get your tickets outside of the Accademia. But you won’t have to wait long in line to get in.

Seeing the State of David is pretty spectacular. If you do anything super touristy in Florence, I would suggest this! It helps frame the history of the city. We left appreciating art so much more than when we arrived.

Day 2: late afternoon

If you have time, maybe take a nap or a rest at your hotel. Because late afternoon we went to one of our favorite experiences. We walked from central Florence to the San Miniato al Monte in the southeastern part of the city. The walk was about 30 minutes, but it was beautiful. It brought you through parts of the city you might not otherwise explore.

San Miniato al Monte is one of the oldest churches in the Florence that sits on a hill overlooking the city. Every evening they do a church vesper/prayer service where the public can come in and hear the monks pray in Gregorian chants. It was so beautiful. 

We didn’t go for a religious experience, but more for a cultural, historical, and unique experience. And it was really beautiful. I highly recommend fitting this into your itinerary!

Day 2: evening

Find dinner! Maybe you want to walk back towards your hotel so you’re closer by. Or maybe you want to explore dinner near the southeast park. Either way, do some quiet exploring and have fun!

Don’t forget to finish your day with gelato!

Day 3: morning

This was our last day in Florence. We had a train to Cinque Terre to catch around 1pm. But this meant we still had the morning to explore. If this is the case for you, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything too intense this morning.

You could follow our lead and walk around, get cappuccinos, and then sit outside with a long leisurely lunch before catching your train to your next destination!

If you have more time to spend in Florence, you should! I wish we had more time! But if you’re juggling other responsibilities and/or places you want to visit three nights should be a good amount!


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