Greek islands itinerary: 7 days

Greek islands itinerary: 7 days

If you only had a week on the Greek islands, do you know how you would spend it? I recently came back from a short trip on the Greek islands with one of my good friends. We had a phenomenal time! You can do a short trip like this, but you need to plan ahead. Read on for this Greek islands itinerary: 7 days.

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Greek islands itinerary: 7 days

Day 1: Arrive to Mykonos!

On day 1, you will arrive into Mykonos. I recommend arriving into one of the islands if you only have 7 days to spend here. The airfare might be a bit more expensive but it is well worth it. You could fly into either Mykonos or Santorini. For this itinerary, we’re going with Mykonos!

Once you arrive, your hotel airport shuttle will pick you up. You’ll get to soak in the scenery as you drive a few minutes to your home for the next couple of nights.

Once you check-in at your hotel. Mykonos Essence is what we loved! It’s in Ornos, a short commute from Mykonos town, which meant it was a little quieter, but still had great access to the beach, restaurants, and public transportation.

AND, if you do select to go to Mykonos Essence hotel, they have a wonderful restaurant on-site. A lot of hotels on the islands do. I recommend making a dinner reservation there for the night you arrive.

Trust me — after a long day of travel, you will be so happy to have your dinner all figured out for you. Plus, you might have an amazing view to sip your first glass of Greek rose.

Day 2: Morning

I like to leave room to relax and sleep in (but not too long) on my first full day. Sleep-in a bit, maybe set your alarm for 9am — so not to sleep away your day too much!

Then grab some breakfast from the hotel. It might be your favorite meal of the day!

You might want to hold some time your first to “run some errands.” For example, we grabbed a couple large bottles of drinking water. On many of the Greek islands (at least Mykonos and Paros), you can’t drink the tap water. I broke my sunglasses, so had to grab a pair, and we wanted some more sunscreen.

Walk around and orient yourself for a bit.

Day 2: Afternoon

Spend the afternoon at a beach nearby. While in Ornos, there were multiple beach “clubs” you could choose. You pay a small fee for a bed with umbrella and then access to food and drink service.

Honestly, this was a great way to spend our first day in Greece. We were tired from the travel, but it let us slowly acclimate in a beautiful environment.

Order olives and sandwiches off the menu to snack on. Get a drink if you want — and just enjoy!

Day 2: Evening

After an afternoon by the water, head back to your hotel room to change/shower and then get ready for dinner. There are many restaurants you can choose from in the area. You don’t usually need a reservation in the off or shoulder seasons. You might in the high season.

There were several great restaurants in Ornos right on the ocean. Our favorites were Kostantis and Aperanto Galazio, just a few minutes walk from our hotel. Imagine sitting at a table, hearing waves gently crash on the sand nearby, while you eat pita and hummus, grilled meat and veggies, or mousaka.

It doesn’t get any better!!

Day 3: Morning

Take your time waking up and getting ready. Eat some delicious breakfast, and then slowly make your way to Mykonos town. If you are in Ornos, it’s a short bus ride away. The bus ride is actually really fun, because you get to see other areas of the island. It’s really easy to navigate and just costs a few dollars as you enter the bus.

Spend the rest of your morning exploring iconic Mykonos town. Head to see the iconic, ancient windmills — also for a phenomenal view. Get lost walking down the narrow streets lined with small white-washed buildings on all sides. Check out the numerous small shops and take as many pictures as you want.

Day 3: Afternoon

Start your afternoon by grabbing some lunch. One of our favorite spots for something affordable, quick, highly-rated, and right on the water was Kavos. We ended up eating here a few times, because we loved their dolmas — they were the best we had the whole trip!

After eating some lunch and filling up, head to your meeting spot for your winery tour pick-up. You’ll spend the afternoon at a local Greek winery getting a tour and doing some tastings.

Typically they pick you up from your hotel or wherever you decide. Then enjoy a couple hours that afternoon learning (and tasting) local wine. You’ll probably meet other travelers from all over who are part of your group. I highly recommend this winery tour. There are a couple others.

Let me know if you want help booking!

Day 3: Evening

After the winery tour, I recommend getting dropped back off at Mykonos town for dinner. It’s a special place to eat dinner as the sun sets. Honestly, there are so many restaurants to choose from — take your pick!

You can stay as late as you would like. The last bus back to Ornos, or wherever you’re staying might be midnight. Make sure you look into it, or ask the bus stand employee.

It’s a very easy system to navigate, so don’t be intimidated!

Day 4: Morning

Soak in your last morning at your Mykonos hotel. Sip that coffee extra long and make that homemade Greek yogurt last forever as you take in the views.

Later that morning get a ride from your hotel to the ferry station (Just arrange the transfer with your hotel front desk in advance!). You’ll take a ferry mid-day from Mykonos to your next destination, Paros.

I feel strongly that Mykonos and Paros are a great pairing of islands. Mykonos is well-known and touristy (for a reason!). Paros is a little less so, but still offers great amenities.

Day 4: Afternoon

Early afternoon you’ll take the ferry from Mykonos to Paros. It is less than an hour long, so not far at all! I was thankful it was short, because it was choppy…. If you get sea sick, you might want to prepare yourself….

Your next hotel will pick you up from the ferry station (make sure you arranged it before hand!). And then you can head to your hotel, check-in and settle into your next home.

We stayed at Akrotiri Hotel in Parikia and would highly recommend it! Google lists it as a 3-star hotel. I would argue that it is a 4-star hotel. It has all the amenities you want, is super comfortable and charming, and most rooms have a private balcony overlooking the bay. This was my favorite part!

Day 4: Evening

For your first evening in Paros, I recommend walking into Parikia early evening to move your legs. There is a small path you can find from the hotel along the beach. Grab a local bottle of wine and some food from a grocery store. I always love doing this one night when we’re traveling.

Bring the food and wine back to your hotel room and enjoy with your good friend/spouse/family member/solo on your balcony as the sun sets.

Doesn’t that sound amazing!

Day 5: Morning

I recommend spending this morning doing a bit of a hike. Explore the Delion Apollo Sanctuary, which is an ancient Greek ruin at one of the highest points of the island behind your hotel!

You can walk to it from Akrotiri hotel, it’s about a 20 minute walk uphill. You will walk by people’s homes, through trails, and should stop along the way to soak in the phenomenal view. Once to the Sanctuary, you might be the only one there. It’s quite a feeling to know that you are standing where some of ancient history began….

After soaking in the views, head back to your hotel to shower and get ready for the afternoon.

Day 5: Afternoon

I recommend grabbing some lunch in Parikia before you catch your bus to Naousa for the afternoon/evening. Naousa is probably the most visited city on the island. It’s a little fishing town where you can find people heading out on their fishing boats early in the morning.

The bus ride to Naousa from Parikia is easy and about 15 minutes.

Once in Naousa get yourself oriented and walk around. We stumbled across a well known winery where we ended up signing up for a tour and tasting. I could not recommend the Moraitis Winery enough. You’ll get a tour and history lesson of Paros wine. Then you can opt into a tasting of 3-5 wines (with a cheese pairing). This might be another opportunity to meet people!

Day 5: Evening

Before you head back to Parikia via the bus, select a restaurant to get some dinner at in Naousa. We enjoyed sitting near the water and watching sailboats and fishing boats come back to shore as the day was ending. It was a great way to end our day.

Make sure you leave enough time to catch your bus back to Parikia and your hotel.

Day 6: Morning & Afternoon

For your last full day in Paros, I recommend an epic olive oil tour that includes a 3-mile hike through an ancient Byzantine pathway, a visit to Lefkes — the oldest town on the island, and a meal at a local restaurant while you taste test olive oils.

Don’t let the price tag scare you — trust me it’s worth it! This is nearly a full-day experience, includes a phenomenal guide, a delicious meal, transfer to and from your hotel, numerous olive oil tastings, and a thorough lesson on the history of olives and olive oil.

This was probably the highlight of our whole trip in Greece.

Day 6: Evening

When you return from your full day experience, you might be a little tired. If it’s late afternoon I recommend grabbing your book and relaxing by the hotel pool for a little while.

Then enjoy dinner from the hotel on the hotel balcony. Nibble on your food, sip on your wine, and talk about your day and how much you’re going to miss Greece….

Day 7: Morning

This will depend on your outgoing flight, but many flights out of Mykonos to other parts of Europe depart in the evening. Eat some breakfast at your hotel and get packed.

Get a ride to the ferry station where you catch your late morning ferry back to Mykonos.

Day 7: Afternoon

You might have a little time to spend waiting for your flight. I recommend setting up camp at a restaurant for a couple hours. Slowly eat some lunch and hydrate.

Then head to the bus station for a ride to the airport.

Day 7: Evening

Fly home 🙁

It’s always hard to leave a wonderful trip. But it’s simultaneously a blessing that you enjoyed your experience so much. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Greek Islands — even if you only have 7 days!


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