4 reasons to do a genealogy trip

4 reasons to do a genealogy trip

Genealogy travel can be one of the most fulfilling types of travel. Imagine you’ve learned everything you think possible about your family. But then you arrive at *said country* and realize there is so much more to learn. Here are 4 reasons to do a genealogy trip.

If you haven’t already, check out my article on how to do a genealogy trip. This is a helpful start on prepping for your trip and what to prioritize while you’re there. You can also read about our northern Italy honeymoon (the first part of this trip was about the genealogy of my husband’s family).

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4 reasons to do a genealogy trip

So what are 4 reasons to do a genealogy trip? There are many on my mind. But these 4 reasons are really sticking with me as we prepare for our family genealogy trip. These are the main reasons to do a genealogy trip. They’re the reasons I would recommend others consider this type of travel.

By the way, I am so excited for this! It’ll be a trip with my mom, my 2 aunts, and 3 cousins. Any guesses where???

It gives your trip a purpose

Travel is becoming easier and easier these days. Which is a wonderful thing! But I do wonder sometimes if we lose sight of the greatness of travel. Each trip is an amazing opportunity to see the world. Yet, with limited vacation days, the purpose of travel is now how to see as much as you can in a week.

But it can be so powerful when your trip has a purpose. Maybe it’s a honeymoon! Your purpose might simply be being in a place that exudes romance and connection.

The first of 4 reasons to do a genealogy trip is that it gives your trip a purpose — and that’s really satisfying. When planning our itinerary we already know what our priorities are. We plan to go to the little villages our ancestors were born (and emigrated from). We know we want to do a walking tour to get oriented to the country that our family used to call home.

When you plan a genealogy trip, your trip automatically is filled with purpose.

You will feel a much deeper connection to the place

Secondly, you will (or might) feel a much deeper connection to the place. When my husband and I did our honeymoon to northern Italy, the genealogy aspect quickly became one of our favorite parts. We spent the days exploring (and sleuthing) the villages his family emigrated from. We would go back at night, open a local bottle of wine and do more research to prepare for our next day. It was the highlight of our trip.

And it allows you to feel something deeper for that place than as if you were a tourist for a week.

If you are eager to do a trip with meaning, purpose, and to build a connection with a place, I recommend a genealogy trip!

And if you want any help planning, definitely reach out to me!

You will learn so much about your ancestry

The big one of 4 reasons to do a genealogy trip is that you will learn so much about your ancestry.

Even if you have your complete family-tree built out and you think you know everything, I promise you will learn something more while you’re there. It might not be that you learn of a new person in your family tree, but that you see the church your family was baptized in or you see marriage records at the city hall.

These moments can be so powerful! You might quickly become the family historian.

It can bring family together

Finally, a genealogy trip can bring family together. Whether you’re traveling with family on the genealogy trip or you’re prepared to share all your findings with family back home — it’s a great way to bring family together. Who knows, maybe more people in your extended family will want to go there as well and you can give them all the insider tips!

There are many more reasons to do a genealogy trip. But these are the ones sticking with me as I prepare for another genealogy trip.

I hope this inspires you to make your next trip a genealogy trip!


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