5 reasons why you should visit Greece

5 reasons why you should visit Greece

You might be looking for your next summer or fall travel destination. Greece has probably been coming up in your travel research. It is a popular destination — and for MANY great reasons. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Greece!

After my trip there recently, I’ve published a few articles. Make sure to check them out for other Greece-inspiration:

5 reasons why you should visit Greece

Food and Wine

Something a lot of people think about when traveling is the food. Well, I promise you will enjoy the food and the wine in Greece!

Imagine breakfasts at your hotel with fresh yogurt, homemade granola, local nuts and figs, fresh honey, and espresso. This was often times our favorite meal of the day!

For lunch and dinner you might consider hummus and fresh pita with dolmas/dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), roasted meat and veggies, spanakopita, or moussaka.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, imagine this paired with local wine.

Although Greece probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think of wine, it has a long history of the beverage. I highly recommend a winery tour at least once while you’re there to learn. Consider Moraitas Winery on Paros island.

Also contact me if you want other suggestions or any help planning your trip!

Such a unique European destination

Greece (especially the Greek Islands) is such a special and unique place in Europe. When people think of the continent of Europe I think they often picture gothic architecture in Prague, stone buildings in Italy, or Baroque architecture in Paris.

The Greek islands are so different than all of this. You won’t find an identical place like this in Europe.

Most of the Greek islands are arid, mountainous, and peppered with white-washed stone buildings (with blue shutters and doors). Greece is a country characterized by ocean views, seafood, sunshine, olives, and friendly people.

The natural beauty will likely be unlike other places you’ve visited in Europe.

I found it beautiful to experience that!


The Greek islands have some great beaches. Whether you are a “beach person” or not, it can be really fun to see the different beaches that exist throughout the islands. There’s so much diversity! You will likely find beaches characterized by cliffs, pebbles, soft sand, or little coves.

Afterall there’s so much coastline in Greece due to all the islands.

Pro Tip: The Greek islands are the PERFECT Girls’ trip destination!

It’s easy to get around

Another reason why you should visit Greece is because it’s pretty easy to get around. Different than mainland Europe, there are no trains on the Greek Islands. But you will notice a pretty good, affordable, and quick public bus system.

It’s very easy to arrange a quick (and affordable) ride with your hotel. And then to get from one island to the next just hop on a ferry!

When traveling around the Greek islands, you don’t have to worry about translating a train timetable or concern yourself with which platform to rush to. You don’t have to worry about lugging your suitcase through the busy city to find your Airbnb.

While on the Greek islands it’s quite easy to just ask your hotel to pick you up from the ferry station, give you a ride to your excursion, or get directions for the public bus. And it won’t cost you much money at all!

Ancient history

My final reason for why you should visit Greece is because of the ancient history. Greece is one of the most ancient places that we know of. AND, what’s more than this is that you can see and experience the history with your own eyes. You can see the structure of where people walked hundreds/thousands of years before you.

Whether you’re a history buff or not, it can be pretty special to experience that.

Well I hope you have a wonderful time in Greece this summer (or fall or spring)!


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