Dreaming of Northern Italy: Our 2-Week Honeymoon Itinerary

Dreaming of Northern Italy: Our 2-Week Honeymoon Itinerary

Our wedding is quickly approaching! While we have been immersed in planning for this large event, I have not forgotten about our honeymoon. We decided on Italy! It was a tough decision. See some of the other international honeymoon destinations we considered on one of my other posts here. We considered doing all of Italy and focusing on southern Italy. Ultimately, northern Italy just seemed to fit our needs more. AND what a great reason to go back one day and focus on southern Italy. Read on, dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary.

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

Day 1: Milan

Day 1 of our romantic 2-week northern Italy honeymoon itinerary will be flying into Milan! Most flights arrive in the afternoon/early evening. Milan isn’t a priority on our trip, but it’s a convenient spot to fly in and out of.

We will stay the night in Milan and gets lots of sleep. This Airbnb could be a great place for a full nights rest, especially after the jet lag…. This hotel is affordable and close to the central train station for the next day.

Day 2: Chur, Switzerland

Today we will wake up early to catch a train to Tirano, Italy. Day 2 might be a long day, but I like to do some of our more “busy” days in the beginning, and relax later in the trip. We plan to catch the Bernina Express from Tirano, Italy to Chur, Switzerland. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world riding through the Alps. Neither one of us have been to Switzerland. This train ride seems like the perfect way to explore a bit of this mountainous country. Yet, it’s conveniently situated for a day (or 1-night trip).

We will stay the night in Chur, Switzerland — maybe the Zunfthaus zur Rebleuten hotel or this Airbnb.

Day 3-4: Turin

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

We will return to Milan, rent a car and drive to Turin. We rented a car through Sixt when in Croatia and had a really good experience. It’s likely we will do that again for part of our trip (Day 3-12).

We will spend 2 nights in Turin. Turin is of interest to us because Nate has some family-roots here! We would love to spend more time exploring Nate’s family history in Italy (in multiple places) — so we will just have to come back for the rest 😉

We might take a cooking class or do one of Airbnb’s “experiences”. This is how we did a lot of our traveling while in Croatia. It’s also a place I look to get an idea of how to organize our trip. See resources to plan for your next trip for more information.

Here are a couple Airbnb options for us: a cute tiny home or this little family home.

Day 5-8: Lake Como

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

Day 5 of our romantic 2-week northern Italy honeymoon itinerary we will depart Turin and drive to Lake Como. Make Varenna on the eastern side of the lake our home base for the next few days. From what we’ve heard, Varenna has more of a quant and quiet atmosphere — but still so beautiful.

Over the next few days we plan to relax and take in the beauty! Do a boat tour (this one has great reviews!), hike, and just take it all in.

Check out the view on this Airbnb! We don’t typically travel luxuriously, but Lake Como might be a fun place to do that for a few days (after all — it is our honeymoon!) — like Hotel Royal Victoria or Hotel Meridiana.

Day 9-11: Tuscany

Depart Lake Como and drive south through Tuscany. Spend the next couple of days at a country home in Tuscany, potentially the Chianti region just outside of Florence (Florence will be our next destination, so we would like to locate ourselves close by to reduce all the traveling).

In Tuscany, I’m so excited to do some world-renown wine tasting (This is a starting point for identifying a handful of wineries that we need to try). When you think of Tuscany, don’t you also think of vintage cars driving through the rolling hills?? Check out all of these cars that are for rent for tourists to experience. How romantic!

We could stay at this cute bed and breakfast or this Tuscan country home!

Day 12-13: Florence

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

Drop off our rental car in Florence first thing in the morning. Spend the next couple of days exploring this beautiful, ancient city full of amazing art, delicious food, many old bridges, and great views. We might go to a museum while here, see the statue of David, but also get lost exploring small streets, and drinking lots of tiny espressos!

Here are some housing options we’re considering: Small studio in the heart of Florence, Love Nest Near Central Rail Station, and this B&B with a cute rooftop view.

Day 14-15: Cinque Terre and Portofino

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

Early in the morning on Day 14, take the train from Florence to Cinque Terre. It will be so nice to relax with some beautiful views for our last few days in Italy. We plan to walk and hike from town to town, while also utilizing the convenient train that takes you from one of the five seaside villages to the next. Depending on how we are feeling, maybe we will take a quick train to explore Portofino for the day.

Check out these cute Airbnb’s in Cinque Terre: apartment in Cinque Terre and a rental unit with a balcony!

Day 16: Milan

Take our time getting ready in Cinque Terre, catch a train from Cinque Terre to Milan. This will be our last full day in Italy 🙁 Depending on how we’re feeling, maybe we will explore Milan. But we will also want to pack for the next day’s flight and get a good night sleep.

Day 17: Fly home…

What a sad day…

I hope you enjoyed our romantic 2-week northern Italy honeymoon itinerary! We are so excited!

Let us know if you have any recommendations on things to do while we are there.

Dreaming of northern Italy: our 2-week honeymoon itinerary

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