Book of the month #3

Book of the month #3

This month I’m recommending a book I read a while ago actually. It’s been a crazy time (wedding planning!). I probably should be reading to relax and calm my mind, but instead I’ve been cleaning, going on long walks, and spending way too much time on Pinterest…. So my book of the month is a favorite book I read a couple years ago that I’ve been wanting to re-read! Check out Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.

I first read this book when I was living in the Kingdom of Eswatini (check out all the reasons you should travel to Eswatini!)

For those that don’t know Trevor Noah is a comedian, most recently known for hosting The Daily Show. He has moved on from the show recently, but this may be how you know him. I first started watching his stand-up comedy when I was living in southern Africa. I loved his comedy! A lot of it was about growing up in South Africa. And I found that after living there for 2 years, I understood many of the references he would make, the language he would speak, and so on.

Then, I learned that he had come out with a book, a memoir called Born a Crime. His book is about his life growing up during Apartheid in South Africa. The title says it all. Trevor was born to a white father and a black mother. During this time in South Africa he was the product of a crime.

In his book Trevor goes into detail about what this meant for him as a child, he describes his relationship with his mother, his time spent with his grandmother, growing up in “Jo’burg” or Johannesburg, SA, and all of this during Apartheid.

He writes about such serious topic in a way that helps you feel connected and empathetic for the people in South Africa during this time. But he also delivers some of his messages with comedy and humor.

For anyone that wants to learn more about this time in history in South Africa, is considering traveling to this part of the world, or just likes comedy, I highly recommend this book!

I would say it’s a really easy read that will go very quickly! So if you’re like me and sometimes just need a book that you can get into quickly — this would be one!


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