Book of the month #1

Book of the month #1

Where do people live the longest?

I like to read. At least I like the idea of reading. My goal this year is to read 2 books a month. I always gravitate towards books that inspire travel in some way. Sometimes that’s a historical fiction novel, sometimes memoirs, and sometimes nonfiction. My book of the month for January (2023) is the Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. Where do people live the longest?

Dan Buettner has been studying for years where people live the longest around the world. He is the primary author, but has worked with many colleagues to identify 5 “Blue Zones” around the world that have a higher than usual number of centenarians (or people who live above 100). It get’s better! Not only do these places have lots of people living above 100 — they live above 100 without hardly any chronic ailments…. As an American, this seems surprising… So read on for more information on my book of the month.

I highly recommend reading any of his “Blue Zones” book. I’ll give you a little taste below. It’s great travel inspiration! Maybe you will decide to plan a trip to one of these places? OR to every Blue Zone???

Where do people live the longest? At least according to the research done by Dan Buettner and his colleagues — there are 5 places.

Okinawa, Japan

Social connection, especially as people age in Okinawa seemed to be a key to living longer — and living longer without disease. In Okinawa (and in Japan), people tend to regard aging family members with respect and they remain a close part of a family. We could learn a lot!

Ikaria, Greece

You’ll have to read more in the book about Ikaria, Greece. But diet is crucial. With a diet characterized by olives, legumes, and wine (with little meat) the area is said to have some of the largest number of people living above 100 in the world.

Loma Linda, California

Somewhere in the U.S. ???! Wow — I was impressed — and honestly — I was surprised…. Loma Linda’s Seventh Day Adventist community is considered to be one of the 5 Blue Zones around the world. Some keys here were vegetarianism and faith. They found that believing in something more and having a community you go to a couple times of month has lead to longer life expectancy. Fascinating!

Nicoya, Costa Rica

I would love to travel here! The Nicoya peninsula looks so beautiful. So why are there more centenarians here than around the rest of the world? Diet and social connection seems to be a priority here. Those in Nicoya, Costa Rica area always with family and/or friends — even as they age and get older. This probably does something amazing to our blood pressure….!

Sardinia, Italy

Finally, Sardinia was one of the first blue zones established. They talk about a possible genetic trait on this island in the Mediterranean that’s leading people to live longer. But it’s likely also affected by the diet in this part of Italy and the work ethic.

I highly recommend reading his books for more details on each place. It’s so fascinating! My key take away was to add these places to my travel bucket list, eat more legumes, eat less meat, and keep investing in quality time with loved ones. It’s great travel inspiration from your couch!

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