8 reasons you should road trip through Croatia

8 reasons you should road trip through Croatia

Do you want the perfect European road trip vacation?? Typically Europe is a great place to travel via train and or short-budget-plane travel. But there are some wonderful places to road trip — Croatia being one of the best! Here are 8 reasons you should road trip through Croatia. I promise, you will love it!

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Let’s jump right in!

8 reasons you should road trip through Croatia

Natural beauty

Croatia is breathtakingly beautiful. The type of landscape varies quite a bit from the northern-inland parts of the country to the Dalmatian Coast.

To keep this short and sweet, a road trip through Croatia allows you to see as much of the varying landscapes as you want — its completely up to you!

Freedom and control

I actually think Croatia is one of the best destinations to travel to if you’re worried about a lack of control on your trip. When traveling to another country, I know some people get worried they will be out of their routine and will have to give up some of the “control” they’re used to in their regular life.

If that sounds like you or your partner/friend/family-member, you should definitely consider a road trip through Croatia.

Wake up and get on the road at what time you want. Have a late night craving for food? Take the car and run to the grocery store. These are just some examples of why a car rental can give you the freedom and control you might be looking for.

Great for carrying luggage

There are definitely challenges with having a car rental. But honestly — the pros far outweigh the cons. One of the greatest things about a road trip through Croatia is that it makes carrying your luggage easy.

You don’t have to shuffle around your carry-on or a large backpack underneath a bus, you don’t have to roll your suitcase for 10 blocks on cobblestone. This part is made easier when you rent a car in Croatia.

Great for romantic travel, girls trips, or family travel

Let’s be honest — sometimes the best moments and memories with our closest friend, our family, or our spouse come from long drives in the car. There’s just something about “car talk” or that time you can listen to whatever music you’re craving.

The same is true when you’re thousands of miles away from home and in another country. A road trip through Croatia will bring these same elements. PLUS, you’ll be extra excited anticipating your next destination and absorbing the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Even better!

The rest-stops are so fun!

We loved the rest stops in Croatia!! It might sound silly, but they’re great for stopping for a cafe break, using the restroom, and getting lunch (not to mention filling up on petrol).

Pro tip: if you are exhausted from your travel, you can also take a 30 minute nap in the car.

You can see more of the country — faster

It’s easy to be intimidated about the idea of renting a car in Croatia. But we actually found it quite easy!! Like I mentioned above, it does come with unique challenges, but it’s just important to plan around this. For example, I wouldn’t use it to drive throughout the city — but if you can find a hotel on the outskirts of the city OR with parking included, you really just need it to get from Point A to Point B.

If you don’t rent a car, it’ll be much more difficult to see much of the country. You will have to rely on buses (like Flix Bus — which is a great option), but your travel time will be much longer….

A road trip through Croatia means you can see more of the country and do it much faster than any other option!

Can stop as much as you want

Aside from the rest stops, when you rent a car in Croatia, you have the ability to stop whenever you see beautiful look-outs and views. Especially on our first day driving, we pulled over many times to take pictures and soak in the views.

Can access experiences and excursions outside of the cities

Finally, a nice thing about a road trip through Croatia is that you can access excursions and experiences outside of the city. For example, one of our favorite memories was going to a winery about 30 minutes south of Dubrovnik. The only alternative to our car would have been a very pricey Uber ride there AND back.

And it was such a highlight! We got a really intimate experience and tasting of delicious wines at a family-run winery around for hundreds of years.

These are just 8 reasons you should road trip through Croatia. I definitely understand being intimidated by the idea of renting a car — but I promise it’s not that bad and it’s 100% worth it!


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