5 ways I extend my travels when I return home

5 ways I extend my travels when I return home

A couple weeks ago, I was thinking about how sad I was to be done with our Italy honeymoon. The last couple weeks I’ve been noticing the ways that I “continue” to travel even when we’re back. Here are 5 ways I extend my travels when I return home.

I’m always a little sad when I return from a trip. Sure — I’m happy to sleep in my own bed. But honestly, I’m usually kind of moody returning from a wonderful vacation. My poor husband 😉

Is anyone else like that????

Being back from our vacation for several weeks now, I’ve been realizing what makes me still feel connected to Italy. I know — it sounds corny.

But I started looking back and realized that there are a few things I usually do that make me feel like I’m “extending” our trip. There are some things that allow me to still feel like I’m there in my wanderlust element.

I’m not sure if this is normal or a sort of weird attachment style to my travels….

But if you can relate, maybe you will find some of this interesting or helpful.

Share to Social Media

I’m not huge on social media. I like it to connect with friends around the world and to laugh at cute puppy Reels on Instagram. I also love following inspirational people/companies like National Geographic and some of my favorite travel bloggers.

But one thing I was really excited to do after our Italy honeymoon (Check out our northern Italy 2 week honeymoon itinerary!) was to do some stories on Instagram.

I don’t like to be connected to my social media when we’re traveling. Honestly, this is one of the things I enjoy about traveling the most! There’s something about it that encourages us to disconnect from comfort and look at the world with fresh eyes.

But I decided once we got back from Italy, I would share some pictures in my Stories. Day by day, I posted pictures/videos. Meaning the first day we got back from our honeymoon, I took some time to go through our photos from our first day on our trip. It was therapeutic and fun to reminisce about our trip one day at a time.

Then I saved the stories in highlights on Instagram as little photo albums for myself.

This really helped me re-live some of our trip, share with people I love, and be excited to engage with people who were genuinely interested.

Watch movies and read books on that destination

I am a bit lazy when we get back from a trip. Sure maybe it’s jet-lag.

One thing I do look forward to doing when I get home, is finding a movie, tv show, or a good book that takes place where we were traveling.

For example, after we got back from Italy, Nate was super interested in watching Under the Tuscan Sun. I hadn’t seen that movie in years and he never had. I was pretty excited when he suggested we watch it!

We could understand the movie and daydreamed about buying an old, small villa in Tuscany one day.

We also recently watched Faraway on Netflix. It’s a movie about a woman in Germany who finds out her mother who has passed had a home on a Croatian island. It was a really cute movie and it made us reminisce on our trip to Croatia (11 night Croatia trip).

I am also still working my way through a couple historical fiction novels set in Italy.

I guess I’m obsessed, but it’s one way I extend my travels when I return home.

Implement any interior design elements I noticed

I wrote recently about interior design elements we noticed traveling through Italy. When we do travel, I always keep note of my observations in homes. I often do get inspiration for our house.

When we are wrapping up a trip, I know this is something I can do when we get home. It’s something I look forward to about returning home. It keeps me feeling motivated through the jet-lag.

For example, I was so excited to put a tablecloth out on our patio table set when we got home.

I rarely use tablecloths. I have memories of my family or grandma using them sometimes, but it’s not something I see a lot now.

Traveling in Italy made me want to pull out the tablecloth! LOL

It sounds so random and little, but I was so excited!

And that’s what I did.

Make espresso

I love coffee. I wrote about my favorite morning coffee ritual that keeps me waking up excited to start my day.

But I always get motivated to start moving back to espresso after our travels. There’s something about it that feels so European and makes me feel like I’m still there….


Finally, the last thing I do when we return from a trip is do some journaling. I like to take notes about what we do each day, a memory that we may have had, or something that stuck out to us. But I also process my feelings, how I liked that place in comparison to others that I’ve visited. I naturally think about what I learned, what I want to go back to, or what we would change for next time.

My husband and I also like to play a fun game: what city would you be most likely to live in? What city would you be most likely to retire in? What city would you like to buy a property to Airbnb?

It’s a fun game that keeps us dreaming 😉

I do think reminiscing is an important part of vacation and can be a great way to process your experience. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to sit in that a little longer than when you step off the airplane back onto U.S. soil.


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