5 unique reasons to visit Michigan

5 unique reasons to visit Michigan

If Michigan is not on your travel bucket list — it should be! If you’re like me, you might dream about your next international trip. You might think of the warm places you can travel in the cold winters. But there are so many reasons to consider planning a trip to Michigan. You will find reasons all over the internet. So here’s a list of 5 unique reasons to visit Michigan.

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There are 2 peninsulas!

A couple years ago, Mountain Dew made a mistake in one of their advertisements. They included one of Michigan’s peninsula’s as part of Wisconsin…. If you’re a Wisconsonite, you may have been proud! If you were a Yooper or a Michigander, not so much….

The number one unique reason to visit Michigan is that it is made of 2 large peninsulas. The cool thing about this is that the 2 peninsulas are different from one another culturally, geographically, even the accents, and the weather.

The lower peninsula an hour from Chicago, a few hours from Toronto and in close proximity to east coast cities. There’s Big 10 universities — Michigan State University and University of Michigan. The lower peninsula is international and midwestern characterized by family homes, farms, lake shores, young cities, sprinkled with history of the auto industry.

The upper peninsula on the other hand is further north with Canadian-like accents, rugged lake shores, wooded living, pasties galore, and more intense winters.

The 2 peninsulas are connected by the Mackinac Bridge, 5 miles long!

Having 2 peninsula’s makes Michigan unique, diverse, and gives everyone something to do — no matter your travel style.


You may be able to find saunas all over the U.S., all over the world. But in Michigan they are something special! All over Michigan — but particularly in the Upper Peninsula — you will find saunas in yards and basements of homes. You will find them right on the Great Lakes. There’s a large Finnish population in the Upper Peninsula — so you best believe — the culture of sauna-ing is authentic!

Don’t forget to pronounce it “sow — nuh” !

Imagine staying at an Airbnb on the shores of northern Lake Michigan. It’s a cool summer evening and you hear the waves crashing on the shore. It would be a perfect evening to alternate a hot sauna and dip in the cool lake!


Speaking of lake, Michigan is unique because it touches 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. Whether you are in northern Michigan, east or west, you can find a shoreline to some of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world. No wonder Michigan’s tagline is “Pure Michigan.”

The fun thing about this is that each lake is different. Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula is known for it’s rocky, rugged, picturesque coastline. Lake Michigan is known for it’s sandy beaches and rolling sand dunes (some huge sand dunes — this is seriously one of the best things you can do when you visit Michigan!). Lake Huron on the eastern side of the lower peninsula is a bit more rural.

You can find freshwater to your liking no matter where you go in Michigan.


While some people might run when they hear “winter”, I push you to hear me out! The winter in Michigan can actually be beautiful! Michiganders keep active and busy all year round — even in the winters.

You can find different winter activities all over the state. This includes snowmobiling, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snow sculpting contests, and dog-sledding races! There’s so much to do and it can also be so beautiful!

For a fun note, the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula averages ~250 inches of snow per year. Now that is something worth visiting and experiencing 🙂


The final of the 5 unique reasons to visit Michigan is the wildlife. This can be so exciting! Not only will you find deer and turkeys in Michigan. You can also spot coyotes, wolves, black bears, porcupines, eagles, AND even cougars (all of which I can personally vouch from experience growing up in Michigan!).

It’s not often that you get to say you spotted a wolf while on vacation!

There are so many other reasons to visit Michigan, but these are some of the most unique reasons. If you have been to Michigan, what else do you love about it??


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