5 reasons to travel in spring

5 reasons to travel in spring

It’s now officially springtime! If I were asked my favorite season to travel, I would probably say spring. This inspired my post for the day. Read my 5 reasons to travel in spring.

There are so many reasons you should consider planning your next trip for this spring. But I chose 5 of the big ones. I was inspired to write about this because it’s officially spring in the Midwest now. One thing I love about the Midwest are the seasons. I love the change in seasons, the anticipation of something different, the adaptability to adjusting routines, and the new social gatherings that happen as seasons change.

But I will say, sometimes spring can be the worst! So what a better way to get away from the worst time of year than to travel!

With that said, I actually do love the end of spring in the Midwest. Maybe… that’s my favorite time of year…. BUT the beginning of spring usually means snow melting, mud everywhere, slushy roads, wet shoes, and potholes galore…

THIS is the spring I’m talking about getting away from!

As you can see, my perspective in this post is coming from living in the Midwest. If you live in other parts of the U.S. or the world, you may not relate to all of these points. But hopefully you find some inspiration throughout.

5 reasons to travel in spring

One: destinations are less touristy

This is not necessarily the case everywhere, but its pretty safe to say that spring time (in the Midwest) is not a season of travel in most parts of the world. That means less crowds where you travel. It means shorter lines, more available lodging, easier access to car rentals, and just fewer crowds to waddle through.

Whether you’re traveling to the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere, the months of March, April, May are usually considered one of the “shoulder season.” It’s not quite winter in the southern hemisphere, but not quite summer in the northern hemisphere. It’s that in-between time of the year that doesn’t always draw in a lot of tourists.

With that said, it doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing things happening! For example, you can read my post about the best musical festival in all of Africa: Bushfire! This happens at the end of May, during spring (Midwest spring time at least).

So I would definitely recommend traveling in spring if you’re trying to decide what time of year to go.

Two: travel is cheaper

Because it’s a shoulder season and not the most touristy time of year, it means things are usually a little cheaper. I’m talking about hotels, other accommodation, airfare, car rentals, trains, food, events, etc. Nearly everything you can think of may be cheaper at your destination.

So if budget it a main priority for you, traveling during early spring may give you the most “bang for your buck.”

If you would like some other inspiration for how to save and travel with less money, check out this post!

Three: get away from the muddy season

I touched on this in my intro already, but to reiterate, early spring in the Midwest can be the worst time of year (at least in my opinion). The end of March and April are the months I would love to do our larger international trips.

The primary reason for that is to get away from the muddy season!

Unfortunately, living with a teacher means doing more of our larger trips in the summer (the expensive time of year with more tourists).

If you travel for 3 weeks in April, you will be living my dream!

Four: have fun planning while you’re hibernating in winter

If you’re like me, you might love planning trips! Living in the Midwest means hibernating through the winter months. I always look forward to having a project to focus on in these months. Trip planning is perfect for this!

Imagine spending Saturday mornings in January and February at your favorite coffee shop, just pouring over blog posts, articles, and resources for your travel destination. That sounds like a dream to me!

Speaking of planning, here are some resources for planning your next trip while you’re hibernating in the winter.

This is one of the 5 reasons to travel in spring!

Five: frees up your summer for all the local festivities you want to be a part of

Finally, when you travel in spring, your summer opens up. Whether you live in the Midwest (where summer is beautiful) or not, summer tends to be a busy time. It means good weather, no school (for those with teachers or school-aged kids in the family — this is relevant), bonfires, social gatherings, anniversaries, celebrations, enjoying books outside, picnics in the park, etc. The list goes on!

When you travel in the spring you can just sit back and be present in your current city. This allows you to continue your relationships, establishing your life in your home, and spending time with people you love.

Living with a teacher means we travel a lot in the summertime. I won’t complain to do any trip regardless of the time of year! But we have found our summers to be really stressful because of this.

For example one of our recent trips was in August to Croatia (Read about our Croatia trip!). It was SUCH an amazing trip! Croatia may be my new favorite place…. But we spent a lot of time processing this afterwards — it was stressful when we came back. We had invites to go camping, have family visit, go visit family, finish that house project, go to concerts at breweries. We were exhausted!

These are my personal top 5 reasons to travel in spring! In my fantasy world, we would do our big 2-3 week annual trip in April to a destination of our dreams! The prices would be a bit cheaper, crowds a little smaller, we would get away from the mud of the Midwest, AND we would get to enjoy the beautiful local summer.

I hope you found this list inspiring! Especially now that it’s officially spring!


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