3 days in Paros

3 days in Paros

Are you planning your next trip to Greece?? You might be wondering if Paros is worth it and/or what to do there. I recently returned from a girls trip to Greece (Mykonos and Paros). You can check out why Greece makes a great girls trip destination here. We LOVED Paros and would highly recommend it! Read on for what to do with 3 days in Paros!

Now, I can only speak to what we did in Paros. But we did quite a bit of research in advance, followed the advice of people while we were there, and we had an amazing few days.

We stayed 4 nights in Paros. So we had 3 full days and then a half day on the frontside. So for the sake of this post, let’s talk about what to do if you have 3 full days in Paros.

Let’s go!!

How to spend 3 days in Paros

First of all, let’s talk a little about Paros! We paired our girls trip with 4 nights in Mykonos and 4 nights in Paros. We loved both islands, and for different reasons. I actually highly recommend pairing the 2 islands for some contrast.

From what we heard and discovered, Mykonos can be characterized as the island of nightlife and the picturesque town of narrow, winding streets through little white buildings. I have heard people say Santorini is a great romantic destination where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets at the top of mountains. Naxos is nearby and is known for being really family friendly and one of the greener islands in the Cyclades.

AND Paros is known for being a bit less touristy/a little more local, and offers some good adventure opportunities.

So let’s dig into what to a 3 day Paros itinerary!

Day 1: Morning

Wake up in your hotel room to a great view overlooking the bay of Parikia, Paros. If you’re anything like this, you will love taking your time eating your hotel breakfast (my mouth is watering thinking about the fresh yogurt drizzled with local honey, figs, and walnuts…).

If you’re looking for hotel recommendations, check out the Akrotiri Hotel that sits about 20 minutes walking to Parikia. We loved Akrotiri and would highly recommend it. The rooms were affordable, most rooms come with a sea-view balcony (our favorite part!!), french doors to open as you wake up, a communal balcony area, and a beautiful pool. This might be the best deal on the island!

After breakfast take the walking path down along the local beaches into Parikia town. Walk around Parikia town and explore.

You can check out the Archaeological Museum of Paros. We actually didn’t get to this, but multiple people referenced it as a place worthwhile to check out.

After checking out the museum, walk around the narrow streets of the town, look at all the adorable cats, and stop in any of the shops you want.

Do this all before making your way to the Parikia bus station to catch the next bus to Naousa. Naousa is one of the favorite towns on the island. So a stay on Paros island is not complete without an afternoon here.

The bus ride is only about 15 minutes: it’s quick and easy!

Day 1: Early afternoon

Once you arrive in Naousa, take your pick at the numerous restaurants to sit by the fishing boats and eat some lunch. Our favorite thing to do was get a lunch of appetizers. This included crusted-baked-feta, dolmades, hummus, tzatziki, and various fritters.

After some fuel, walk around the town. You might get lost turning down all the nooks and crannies, but it’s part of the experience!! Take your time meandering. We loved doing this.

Day 1: Late afternoon

As late afternoon hits, make your way to the Moraitis Winery, the oldest winery on the island. You can opt for a tour and tasting (3 glasses or 5 glasses option). We highly recommend this!!

The tour was informational, interesting, and offered great opportunities for beautiful photos.

After the tour you sit down with your group, friends, partner, family, etc. for your tasting. We opted for the 5 wine tasting because they also paired each wine with a different cheese. And it was so fun because we met new friends!

Our tour group was made of people vising Paros from Canada, Athens, New Zealand, and of course us — the U.S.

It was one of our favorite afternoons in Greece!

Day 1: Evening

Depending on how hungry you are, I might recommend you also get dinner in Paros. After a relaxing dinner along the bay watching sailboats and fishing boats come back to shore, take a bus back to Parikia and make your way back to your hotel.

Day 2: Morning

Open your hotel French doors to let in the fresh air while you get ready. Get some delicious breakfast before your day begins.

At around 9am get picked up from your hotel for your full-day olive oil tasting and tour. This was one of our favorite activities in our whole trip to Greece!

You’ll start your day with your guide in Lefkes, the oldest town on the island. He’ll give you a thorough understanding of the history there (especially how it pertains to olives and olive oil).

We loved visiting Lefkes in this way. We got a thorough understanding of the history of the island that we might not have otherwise.

Then we started walking down the ancient Byzantine pathway going through the mountains and to some of the highest places on the island.

Day 2: Early afternoon

You will continue walking through the fields within the mountains, looking at the olive trees, ancient hide-aways, and admiring the ancient marble pathway that was created a couple thousand years ago.

The whole “hike” is about 3 miles, but it is relatively easy. I recommend wearing tennis shoes or hiking shoes, simply because you want good ankle support as you are walking on stones and uneven ground.

But the “hike” itself is relatively easy.

End your excursion at the town of Podromos, not overrun by tourists. Here you will sit with your guide at a local restaurant where he will order a traditional Greek lunch. While lunch is being prepared, you’ll finally get your hand at tasting different olive oils (extra virgin).

Wow, we actually found it difficult to identify the characteristics of each olive oil. But you can tell some of the best quality olive oils from the others. Olive oil is a way of life here!

Enjoy your delicious lunch before heading back to your hotel.

Day 2: Late afternoon

After a long day out and about, take the late afternoon to relax by your hotel pool with your favorite book. Or maybe you will want to take a nap.

It’s a perfect way to process the day and how wonderful it was.

Day 2: Evening

Because you had a big day take this evening to relax around the hotel. Enjoy dinner from the hotel on the communal patio. Sip on some wine and chat with new friends about your experiences. Or perhaps you will want to retire to your room early to take in some last minute views from the privacy of your room balcony.

Day 3: Morning

Once you wake up and enjoy your breakfast, spend your last morning getting some hiking and exploring in. There are a couple archaeological sites on the island. If you are staying in Parikia, you won’t be far from the Delian Apollo Sanctuary.

I recommend hiking up to this site sometime in the morning. If you’re visiting in the summer, you want to do that before it gets too hot.

Our hotel was about a 20 minute walk from the site. And we got there through the “Walking” route on Google Maps. It was fairly straight forward!

The Delian Apollo Sanctuary was built in the 5th century BC!!!!! It was an area of worship for Apollo. I am not super familiar with Greek history and mythology. But it was still amazing to be at this site that is ancient history — history that is difficult to fathom….

You’ll arrive back to your hotel feeling fulfilled from exercising and taking in some of the most amazing views!

Late morning once you’re back, change into your bathing suit, and head down to Parikia to find some lunch before you spend the afternoon getting some sun and beach time.

Day 3: Early afternoon

We took this lunch to enjoy some of our last amazing food in Greece. I recommend finding a restaurant on the water. Order some of your favorite dishes. For us it was the hummus, dolmades, tzatziki, and wine of course!!

Then find a spot on the sand beach and enjoy!

Even if you don’t love laying on the beach, we appreciated doing this for a few hours. Jump in the ocean, people watch, and just relax knowing this might be your last day in Greece (or at least Paros).

Day 3: Late afternoon

Grab a bottle of wine and snacks (you have to try Oregano potato chips — a Greek twist on potato chip flavors!) from the local store to bring back to your hotel.

I typically like to take some time before our last evening to pack, make sure everything is in order for our next day of travel, and make any final planning calls or emails that are needed.

Shower, relax, and head to the hotel lobby for dinner.

Day 3: Evening

Enjoy your last dinner at your hotel on the patio. Soak it all in and process the amazing time you’ve had on this beautiful island.

There is so much more you could do in Paros (and Greece)! But from our experience, this was 3 days well spent. It gives you a diverse range of experiences, all enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Oh wow — I want to go back!!


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