3 day Mykonos itinerary

3 day Mykonos itinerary

Imagine sipping on your morning coffee as the warm breeze runs through your hair and you look over the rolling hills closing in on the deep blue ocean. Mykonos has so much to offer all sorts of travelers. If you’re traveling to Greece soon, you might be visiting Mykonos. Here is a 3 day Mykonos itinerary to get you started!

This is what we did when we visited Greece. For a couple other Greece posts, check out these below:

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous Greece posts (above), my good friend and I split our Greek islands trip into 4 nights in Mykonos and 4 nights in Paros. I highly recommend this combination. They offer unique experiences from one another, yet are close and accessible to each other. This made our trip feel really relaxing and comfortable.

So what should you do in Mykonos?!

3 day Mykonos itinerary


Let’s talk accommodation first. There are countless places to choose from. If you’re looking for a stay in Mykonos that’s filled with busy evenings, partying, and enjoying the bustling Mykonos town and or Little Venice. This area is where you will find the winding streets of little white buildings set along the ocean. It’s a beautiful spot! AND it can be very noisy in the evening.

We opted for a quieter part of the island that was within a short bus ride from Mykonos town: Ornos. If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxing experience Ornos might be a good option for you.

I could not recommend Mykonos Essence Hotel (adults only) enough! Considered a 4-star hotel that’s very affordable it comes with all the comfort you could ask for. Our room had a private balcony. It was situated on top of a hill overlooking the bay, a short walk into Ornos town (with numerous restaurant and bar options). The hotel had a pool and a restaurant which was delicious. And of course — delicious breakfast was part of our stay.

Day 1: Morning

You probably flew into town last night and are still recovering from jet lag. Consider your day 1 as a relaxing day. We let ourselves sleep in a bit (not too much though!). We enjoyed some delicious breakfast — while soaking in the view — before we started our day.

On day 1 I like to get settled in with all the things we need. For example, we took a walk into town, bought lots of bottled water (we couldn’t drink the water from the tap at our hotel), made a pit stop at the ATM, picked up some sunglasses that I forgot, and checked those things off our list.

Then we spent the rest of the morning getting a good walk in to orient ourselves to the beauty of the island!

Day 1: Early afternoon

As a relaxing day, spend your afternoon at the beach! Like I’ve mentioned (probably plenty of times), I’m not a huge beach person. But I do appreciate and try to do an afternoon reading a book (and maybe sipping a cocktail) while soaking in the sun and salty water.

After changing into our bathing suits and cover-ups, we made our way to one of numerous beaches in Ornos. You have to pay to take a “beach bed” and the prices vary, but I think it’s worth it. We spent the afternoon reading our books, alternating with dips in the water, people watching, and sipping and nibbling.

It was a wonderful way to spend our first day in Greece.

Day 1: Late afternoon

After a tiring afternoon in the sun, head back to your hotel to take a shower and get ready for your evening.

After changing, we decided to head back down to a beach-side restaurant to start with some Greek wine before dinner.

Day 1: Evening

There were numerous restaurants to choose from in Ornos. And like I said, most of them are right on the ocean. We just loved soaking in the beauty, hearing the sound of gentle waves on the shore, and devouring delicious food.

For a lot of our meals we went appetizer style, because there was so much to choose from. But you should definitely make sure to check out souvlaki (roasted meat and veggies) and mousakka (beef and eggplant lasagna) as some main dishes while in Greece.

And of course, we paired our food with local wine!

Day 2: Morning

Your day will probably start with delicious food. I couldn’t stop with the fresh, creamy Greek yogurt topped with a bit of muesli, fresh honey, and figs. It was….THE…BEST!

Because you will have an afternoon excursion that starts around 11, you might not do to much exploring this morning. But it is a great time to get a walk in to an area that you haven’t explored yet. There are lots of places you could walk. While you have to be mindful of cars, there are plenty of areas to explore.

And around 11, your ride will pick you up from the hotel for your afternoon excursion….

Day 2: Early afternoon

Enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting at a local winery and making new friends. This was a highlight of our time in Mykonos (and Greece!). We booked our wine tour through Get Your Guide — Wine Tasting at a Mykonian Farm.

The excursion books your hotel pick-up and drop-off which is super convenient. Because the tasting is inland on the island. It was wonderful to experience a different part of the island.

Our wine tasting was with a great guide and it included about 4 other “parties” of people, and we really enjoyed that. We got to share our experiences so far, find out where everyone was traveling from, laugh over our knowledge (or lack of) wine while sipping on the different flavors.

Plus, it was very educational. We learned a lot and really appreciated that aspect.

I definitely recommend eating before you go, because you want to sip wine on a full stomach.

Day 2: Late afternoon

When we got back from the wine tasting, we were pretty tired. So this afternoon might be a perfect time to go sit down by the pool with your book for 30 minutes-1 hour.

Or maybe take a nap.

Day 2: Evening

Make your way down to the beach for another fabulous dinner and wine. We were in Mykonos at the end of September. We had no issues getting a table. The whole time we were there we didn’t make a single reservation (at restaurants/bars). But it can get quite touristy in the summer months. In that case, you might want to consider reservations through their website.

Another good tip, is to check out places on your way to dinner one night. Then stop to make reservations for the next night at a place that looks good. That way you always have a plan.

Day 3: Morning

Soak in that view and breakfast! As our last full day in Mykonos we decided to spend most of the day in Mykonos town. We made our way down to the little bus stop in Ornos, waiting about 15 minutes for the bus and then got a really enjoyable, scenic ride to Mykonos town (and for very cheap).

I definitely recommend the buses throughout Mykonos (and the other islands)!

Mykonos town is super cute! There is so much you will probably want to see and photograph. So we decided to spend the morning just walking around to orient ourselves.

We had to stop by the infamous windmills (Windmills of Mykonos) and the Agios Haralampos (a small church right on the water, not far from the windmills. Both of these sites have great views and are wonderful photographing destinations.

Day 3: Early afternoon

As lunch time approaches, find a cute spot on the water to sit and enjoy some food. We found a spot that we loved. It was casual and relaxing with fun staff. We sat there for a couple hours. First we ordered several appetizers including dolmades, pita and tzaziki, hummus, and veggies.

We had to include a glass of rose too 😉

After relaxing with lunch we decided to do a little shopping. If you want any souvenirs or new clothes for yourself this might be a good time.

There was lots of nice linen clothing around. I got a button-up for my husband (that he wears all the time now!). It was fun to stop in the shops and talk to people as we went. This is actually how we learned so much about the cats in Greece!

You never know what you’re going to learn!

Day 3: Late afternoon

We decided to stop for an aperitivo or late-afternoon drink. We found this bar a couple feet from the ocean waves!

It was a pinch-worthy moment to remind ourselves, this was real life.

Day 3: Evening

We decided to stay for dinner in Mykonos town. We learned the bus schedule so we knew that we actually had until midnight to catch the last bus to Ornos (We definitely didn’t stay out that late though!). We found another restaurant with a good view that didn’t need reservations.

The rest of our evening was spent talking about life, eating delicious and fresh food, and sipping on local white wine.

Can we go back????!!

I hope you found this 3 day Mykonos itinerary helpful. If you are like us, you might head somewhere else next (like Paros), or you might fly back home…. Whatever your next stop, this 3 day Mykonos itinerary is a great way to relax and learn the island.


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