12 things to do in the Twin Cities

12 things to do in the Twin Cities

Do you live in the Twin Cities? Would you like to travel and visit Minnesota’s largest metropolitan area? The Twin Cities are a great place to play in the outdoors while have access to urban amenities. Here are 12 things to do in the Twin Cities. This is a great list to do with your friends, family, or solo!

  1. Get brunch at the Kenwood (in the Kenwood neighborhood) and then walk (or ski or skate in the winter) around Lake of the Isles. Get lost imagining life in these mega-expensive, beautiful homes that you will never afford
  2. Visit Minnehaha Regional Park and Falls! These falls are gorgeous (often busy). If you can go in the middle of the week, you will have the opportunity to explore without the crowd. Consider bringing some lunch with you and having a picnic.
  3. Walk around Lake Harriet (one of my favorite lakes in the Twin Cities) and follow it up with a cold drink on the patio at Martina Restaurant. Catch up with your friends while exploring some of the best water in the Twin Cities. You will get 3 miles in before you even know it. Make your way into the Linden Hills neighborhood. Walk around the cute shops. Then get to your reservation at Martina for a drink and small plates.
  4. Explore Cathedral Hill! Start your afternoon with a cold coffee drink at Nina’s Cafe in the historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. Then walk along Summit Ave., with some of the largest and oldest mansions in the Twin Cities. Get lost imagining what the street was like in the early 1900’s. Finish your afternoon back where you started at WA Frost. Here you can enjoy a drink or dinner on their idyllic back garden patio. This area reminds me of Europe, and Croatia…. Read more about our 11 night Croatia itinerary here.
  5. Visit the Como Park Conservatory (and/or Zoo). Whether Zoo’s are your thing or not, the Como Park Conservatory is worth a visit. You will feel like you’re walking into a different climate. Whether you like Zoos or not, this zoo is also well-renown. It’s one of the 12 things to do in the Twin Cities that I recommend.
  6. Hang out in the evening in the hip North Loop neighborhood. If you’re still in your 20’s — you will fit right in! But there is something for everyone here. If you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s (or of any age!) the contagious energetic neighborhood — filled of friends talking and laughing while hopping from one spot to the other — will make you feel like your younger self.
  7. Take a slow walk on the Stone Arch bridge followed by a show at the Guthrie Theater. While you’re at the Guthrie don’t forget to go to the top for a fabulous view of Minneapolis.
  8. Stop at the multiple Trader Joes in the area and shop for ingredients for a cheese board. Head back home to make yourself a charcuterie plate. Pair it with some wine and have some great conversation with friends/family. If you’re traveling solo, do this while sitting outside of in front of a good movie. If you want some more cheese-board-inspiration check out my post on an evening of cheese and wine here. While you could do this anywhere, it’s so special to do something “normal” in your temporary home.
  9. Grab some tacos and margaritas at Cocina del Barrio in Edina. You may not be able to afford living in this neighborhood. BUT this specific restaurant has some of the best margaritas. It’s such a great environment to go with a couple friends, whether new or old.
  10. Head to a Saint’s Minor league baseball game in St. Paul. The games are family-oriented. The Saint’s games are much more manageable than some of the major league/professional leagues based in the Twin Cities. But if you are a very committed sports fan, you could always check out many of the professional games.
  11. If you are up for a little exercise, rent bikes, and bike around all of the big lakes in Minneapolis. You can follow the bike trails to ride around Lake Harriet, along the Minnehaha creek, lake Bde Maka Ska, and then Lake of the Isles. You’ll get 9-12 miles in!
  12. For a more local experience head to the West 7th St. neighborhood close to downtown St. Paul. Grab a morning coffee at Claddagh Coffee (try their mocha — it’s one of the best — not tooooo sweet!) and then walk around the surrounding neighborhoods. You will find some of the oldest homes in Minnesota. You will find lots of “modest family” homes that were built as far back as 1870.
Create an evening of wine and cheese with your friends while they visit you in the Twin Cities.

I hope these 12 things inspire you to have a good time in the Twin Cities!


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