10 ways to travel in your hometown this summer

10 ways to travel in your hometown this summer

Summer is going by so quick! If you are getting bored or sad you aren’t traveling this summer, you might find some inspiration here. Here are 10 ways to travel in your hometown this summer.

I am a routine type of person. I love my routines and I love the precious summers in the Midwest. But sometimes they feel so fleeting. We got back a few weeks ago from our amazing honeymoon trip to Italy (Read why you should add Italy to your travel list). I’m already thinking about how little I appreciate my own city!

So here’s a brainstorm for you. These are some things I’ve done and I do regularly combined with some things I should add to my local-bucket-list.

10 ways to travel in your hometown this summer

Find a concert or show

If you aren’t doing much traveling this summer you might want to find some interesting things to do. Consider going to a concert or your local theater. If you live in a small town, is there a nearby city that’s hosting your favorite artist this summer? Or maybe you could consider finding a local band playing at a park.

Along similar lines, maybe you’d like to go to one of your local theaters. You might be surprised at what shows are playing that might stay with you for a while.

Honestly, I never thought I was a huge “theater” fan, but I’ve been to a few great shows over the last few years at a local theater, and I’ve always really enjoyed it! Go with your partner or spouse, a good friend, make it a girls night, or bring a date!

Go for a day-drive

We love drives! Maybe I’m biased because I’ve gotten so used to driving. We have to drive to visit family 5-8 hours depending on who we’re visiting. But we always love a good road trip!

But this summer, I’m suggesting going for a day drive. This is a great weekend activity for when you’re feeling a little stir-crazy. It also keeps things cheap!

Pick out a state park or a nearby small town that you’ve been interested in visiting. Create a playlist for the car and go explore! You never know what you might find that will surprise you.

Have a girls-weekend

I’ve written a few posts on some great girl weekend getaways. Check out the best girls weekend in Chicago and must-dos in the Twin Cities on a girls weekend.

But why not do something local with a couple close friends. Decide on who’s place you’ll stay at, maybe make arrangements for a babysitter or spouse to watch the kids, find a dog-walker, and go relax and laugh away the weekend with some of your closest friends.

Visit your local farmers market

This list is partially for myself. I was thinking this week “I haven’t been to the farmers market yet this summer!!” So I need to go this weekend! I love getting some of our produce here for the week and some fresh flowers.

They also remind me so much of local markets I would see through my travels. In so many other places around the world, these are much more prominent.

In my fantasy world, we would get all our groceries at local markets…..

Considering I live in the Midwest, I’m not sure this is likely…..

Have an immersive weekend planning your next trip

Maybe you decided to stay local this summer, or maybe you’re working really hard to save up some more money. Maybe you’re just on a tight budget this summer…. Something you could do for no money at all is to plan your next trip!

If you don’t love planning, maybe this point isn’t for you.

If you’re like me you might just LOVE planning for your next trip. This could be a great way to hold tight on spending your money, but to get inspired for your next trip.

Maybe you decide not to make any social commitments over the weekend. You could run your errands on Thursday, arrange for a babysitter or dog walker over the weekend, and grab a bottle of wine from that place you’re dreaming about.

Spend the weekend researching your accommodation, organizing your itinerary, pondering train vs car travel, watching some vlogs, reading blogs, checking out newspaper articles of that place, and maybe finding a movie that takes place there.

This might actually be my dream weekend!

Find a local tour

I love doing tours when we travel internationally — walking tours especially. But I do overlook the idea of doing that in my own city.

Here are some examples of local tours in cities in the Midwest (just as an example): Chicago, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. Wherever you live, I’m sure you could find something.

Pick a few local events to attend

Keep an open mind and search for some unique or interesting local event. If I ever want to know what’s going on near me this weekend, I always find myself on Eventbrite. But there are also so many other places you could look to find local events.

Grab a friend, a spouse, your family, or yourself and put something on your calendar that looks interesting.

Visit a local museum

There are so many amazing and unique museums that exist out there! Whether you’re in a small town or a big city, I’m sure you could find something. If you’re small town truly doesn’t have any museums, make it part of your day drive to a nearby town or city.

These days there are all sorts of museums!! You could visit an art museum, history museum, museum of mining, kids museum, a train museum, or so many others!

Do a full-day hike, bike ride, or walk

Whether you’re super active or not, consider changing it up but going for a full-day (or a half-day) hike at a nearby state park, a walk-for-hours throughout all the different neighborhoods, or a bike ride around all the lakes and rivers nearby.

This might not only inspire you to travel, but it’ll make you healthier too 😉

Just don’t over-do it. I’m not a doctor and so I can’t say what you’re physically capable of. But the point is to have a little adventure.

Have a picnic in the park

One thing I love about traveling, is that it reminds me to enjoy the small things and to simplify. What’s better than a picnic in the park in the summer? This is a true representation of the simple and appreciative life.

Writing this reminds me of all the things we can do this summer that we haven’t yet! I hope you found some inspiration in this post. Let me know if you have other ideas about how to travel in your hometown this summer!


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