10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy

10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy

Are you trying to squeeze in some honeymoon brainstorming amidst all your wedding planning?? We were there not too long ago… It’s such an exciting time! But the decision of where to go for your honeymoon can be overwhelming. How do you narrow down the endless list of romantic destinations! Everyone has different hopes and dreams on their honeymoon. But I’m here to tell you — you can do it all in Italy! Here are 10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy!

Italy is fresh in my mind, because we just came back from our 2 week northern Italy honeymoon! It was an incredible time.

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The first thing — that is kind of important — is that Italy is so romantic! It’s romantic in every way you can think of! Imagine walking the streets of Florence when dusk sets in while you start to hear music in the distance. Imagine sitting on your balcony overlooking Lake Como as you wake up and see the sunrise. Or maybe you spend a couple hours eating a multi-course meal and sipping on wine.

Italy is known for it’s romance and it’s so true. Wherever you go and whatever you do — you will feel the romance!

This is just the first of 10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy!

Incredible natural beauty

Northern Italy is incredibly beautiful — wherever you go. You have the Alps in the north, the Ligurian coast in the northwest, and rolling hills of Tuscany in the distance (I am still considering that as part of northern Italy!).

Each of these landscapes offer their own, unique beauty. What makes a better honeymoon destination than a place where you can sit in awe of beautiful landscapes????

Affordable prices

Another thing that makes northern Italy a great honeymoon destination is that it’s fairly affordable. This doesn’t mean it will be your cheapest destination, but it is fairly cheap considering some other popular destinations globally (ie. northern Europe or eastern Asia). For really good accommodation with a view, we rarely spent over $200/night.

For example, we stayed at a hotel that had an incredible view over Lake Como, private balcony, French doors opening up to allow the cool breeze in, and breakfast every morning — all for under 200$ per night! If this captures your attention, Hotel Il Perlo Panoramo above Bellagio might be the perfect fit for you!

Don’t get me wrong, you have to spend some time researching, and you might not get high-end-luxury at that price. But you can get something really good, in a great location, and with an incredible view at a price that would be two times higher in some other destinations.

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High-quality food and eating experiences

When you think of romance and a great honeymoon, do you think of delicious meals?? This is another of 10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy. The food is high-quality, fresh, local, and delicious! Think spaghetti, pesto, focaccia, olive oil, chianti, and gelato. Is your mouth watering yet??!

It’s more than the delicious food, but also the experience that comes around eating in Italy. Any experience involving food in Italy is beautiful! You can sit around a table relaxing, sipping wine, while you people watch and wait for your food to be cooked from scratch. You can smell the fresh lemon, garlic, or basil being used as you walk to your lunch destination. Or imagine cooking fresh pasta for yourself while you pour yourself a local glass of wine.

It doesn’t get better than this — especially when you’re doing it with the person you love the most right by your side 🙂


There is so much variation in northern Italy! As you drive or train around northern Italy you will find variation in the landscape and scenery, the food, the weather, wine, local dishes, and history. If you move around northern Italy on your honeymoon (like we did) this provides for multiple experiences that keep you on your toes.

If you would rather stick to one location in northern Italy, the variation will allow you numerous options to choose from.

But you can’t go wrong!

Nice amenities

Similar to affordability, northern Italy has nice amenities. Everywhere you stay you will find AC, great espresso machines, amazing food, laundry service, and friendly staff.

We truly had really positive experiences throughout northern Italy. While traveling on your honeymoon in summer, you might want to know you will have reliable AC. If you are a coffee-snob, you might be on the look-out for coffee machines wherever you stay. Friendly service and hospitality might be a priority of yours. You will find this all in northern Italy!


Whether you are an art connoisseur or not, you can add in some art experiences into your honeymoon in northern Italy. This is coming from us as more of the “not” people. I don’t dislike art by any means — but I am not an expert.

And this was still a highlight of our time in Italy. There was just something sort of magical about learning the history of art in Italy and the appreciation people have for it. We both left Italy feeling like we gained some inspiration and passion for life.

Isn’t that why traveling is so beautiful!


The Italian language is so beautiful. I’m not sure I’ve thought that about a language before. The language rises and falls in a rhythm that is unique and romantic. This is one of the final of 10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy.

As you walk the ancient, cobblestone streets of Florence you will find hear sentences of Italian being “sung” around you. You might even enjoy taking your turn at ordering coffee in Italian. It can be so thrilling.

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Public display of affection

This may or may not make a difference for you. But if you enjoy walking hand in hand or want to occasionally smooch with your new spouse, you will have no problem doing that in Italy! I say this because some destinations aren’t always as “PDA-friendly.” You may not see couples kissing — or even holding hands. And this could make you hesitate and overthink your approach as a couple.

But Italy won’t be like this for you. It’ll be easy and natural to walk through the streets of Florence, go hand-in-hand on the ferries across Lake Como, or hug each other with excitement after your hike along the mountain edges through Cinque Terre.

If this is what you’re imagining on your honeymoon, consider northern Italy as your destination!

A Trifecta

My final of the 10 reasons you should honeymoon in northern Italy is a “trifecta” identified by my husband. He references this as a big reason he loved Italy. This trifecta is:

  1. The natural beauty/landscape
  2. accessibility to this beauty
  3. affordability of this beauty

It’s not just each of these elements on it’s own. But it’s the combination of these three elements that builds this incredible beautiful experience. Not only will you see natural beauty, you can easily access it (whether by shoes, car, train, or boat), and it’s affordable (if not free).

It might be difficult to access the natural beauty in some destinations. Or it may be really expensive.

But not in Italy.

Some of our favorite experience were walking the trails on the coast between two towns in Cinque Terre for free and sitting on our balcony sipping morning espresso with a map at our Airbnb in Piedmont at a super affordable price (you must consider staying here if you go to the Piedmont region in Italy!).

There are so many reasons you should consider making northern Italy your honeymoon destination. 10 reasons isn’t enough! But I hope this provided you some inspiration amidst all your wedding planning 🙂


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