1 day Tuscany itinerary

1 day Tuscany itinerary

Are you traveling to Italy soon? Maybe you’re just looking for some inspiration when you can’t travel this winter. If you have limited time in Tuscany, you can still have an amazing time! Here is a 1 day Tuscany itinerary to start you off!

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1 day Tuscany itinerary

Before we jump into a suggested itinerary, I have some recommendations. Because one day is a limited amount of time — consider these recs:


  1. Consider renting a car. Because one day is a short amount of time, consider renting a car to give you a bit of freedom
  2. You could explore already existing tours. For example, if you’re staying in Florence, there are numerous full-day Tuscany tours you could join.
  3. Pick one region of Tuscany and stick with that. While Tuscany is a large region and there is so much to see, you won’t be able to scratch the surface in one day. For your own sanity and enjoyment, select one region you would like to stick with for the day!
  4. Accommodation in Tuscany. Especially if you don’t elect for a full-day tour from Florence, I recommend staying one night in Tuscany. There are numerous agriturismo’s or “farmhouse” accommodations that you can choose from. Many of these are also a large scale winery. We stayed at Badia a Coltibuono in Chianti and would highly recommend it! They are an old monastery with a winery rich in history.

1 day Tuscany Itinerary

We are basing this itinerary off of what worked really well for us. There are many approaches you can take. But this one is for those that want to enjoy an area of Tuscany at a leisurely pace. There’s so much to see in Tuscany.

With that said, my personal approach has always been to craft a day that allows us to be immersive and go about our day in leisure.


Start your day off by renting your car for 24 hours. You have numerous options for this. You might consider renting a car from the airport in Florence or from Siena. The rental experience from the Florence airport is pretty straightforward. You can take the city train to and from the airport into the city. And you have your options of rental companies.

For more information on renting a car in Italy, check out my post on Italy rental car advice. We have used Sixt a few times, but the Florence airport has multiple options.

Then slowly and leisurely make your way to your region in Tuscany for the day.

We spent our one day in Chianti — and we can say it was sooo beautiful and well worth our time. I recommend slowly driving out to your region. There are small towns along the way that you can stop at.

For this part — maybe don’t have a plan… Just start driving to your first winery. Take your time — and tell yourselves you will stop at a cafe at some point along the way.

This way you will let spontaneity into part of your day. There are some adorable, small towns along the way.

Enjoy an espresso and soak in the experience!

Early afternoon

Grab some lunch items for a picnic from a local store and find a place with a view to eat your lunch.

After enjoying lunch, make your way to your first winery.

We recommend doing two wineries today. Start with a more local and perhaps an organic winery.

We found a great experience through Airbnb doing a winery tour and tasting with an organic winery: Le Miccine. The tour and tasting was spectacular! It was truly a 5/5 experience and one of our favorites on our trip!

The experience was a couple hours and started with a thorough tour of the grounds, some education on making wine, and what differentiates them as “organic.” The experience concluded with sitting on the patio with new friends and a view, tasting a few of their wines and olive oil.

I can’t stress enough how enjoyable this was!

Late afternoon

After enjoying some wine and good company at winery #1, make your way to your accommodation which is where you will find winery #2.

Like I mentioned above, I recommend this all being in the same region of Tuscany so you can travel short distances.

Badia a Coltibuono is where we called home for the evening. This beautiful old monastery now is broken into hotel rooms of various sizes and suites. It includes a restaurant in their gardens, a pool, views of the rolling Tuscan hills, an ancient church, and a functioning winery.

When you arrive take part in their winery tour and tasting. This will offer you a unique perspective from a more local, organic winery. You will probably enjoy comparing the two.


After the wine tasting, get settled into your room. Relax and soak in the history of your room with a view! Put on a dinner outfit and make your way to the garden for a quiet, intimate, and delicious dinner.

Although we just have the experience of one agriturismo in Tuscany, I’ve heard a lot of similar experiences. You might want to do your own research on where to stay. But if you don’t have much time, I would highly recommend Badia a Coltibuono for a romantic stay.

Enjoy a long and delicious dinner in the garden. Follow that with a nice walk in the garden before calling it a night.

Although this hardly touches the surface of the beauty of Tuscany, I promise this will be such an enjoyable day! You won’t be exhausted from running around too much, but you will still have gotten a taste of this region in Italy.


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